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Thanks for the giveaway!
I'm @Cleaner7.

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Honestly, I'm not too sure and that's why I didn't comment on it like usual. Since I'm a huge fan I've been on media blackout for awhile so I wouldn't get the story ruined. I'd assume it's 2 minimum though like you said. Once I get my copy in from Amazon I'll try to update you. :)

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Congratulations! I see you earned the achievement this weekend and most of them in the course of 4 days. They seemed easy enough like I thought. Send me an email to Cleaner7 [at] with your address and I'll ship your comic out soon!

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Yeah I agree that is annoying. That's why I like games like Resident Evil 5, Uncharted 1/2, etc. since they allow you to go back through chapter select and get any items you missed.

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I don't mind linearity in certain games such as this one since the main focus is on combat and kicking ass! Many people are comparing the game to God of War and it seems to follow in that path of gameplay. Plus collecting is always optional... unless you are an achievement whore like me, lol.

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I just heard about this Flash game and plan on the getting the game so I'll definitely try it out. They did the same thing with Fable II and I also received those items. It's a nice bonus!

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We don't require DLC, but if everyone has the DLC then we can play it. We just play for fun and don't want to exclude people who didn't buy the DLC. :)

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Will do!

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COD: World at War had some online achievements but they were each worth 0 GS.

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I was just speculating the price since that's what other people assumed. The price of COD Classic has not yet been announced.