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Can you be thrown in jail for writing the Arizona legislature has been seized by stupidity?

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I'm sure there are plenty of other companies waiting in line to get time on his show. And ProFlowers will end up regretting its decision.

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It's scary, but this is just a warmup for four more years of unconstitutional egregious behavior by our tin-pot dictator-in-chief if he gets reelected. Even stranger, GOP squishes like the wizard of smart George Will want it to happen. Ora pro nobis.

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Not in MY America, you socialist moron!

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Your ignorance is just mind-numbing! Of course you wouldn't recall the long litany of vile, hateful comments from leftist psychopaths on how they would murder conservatives -- or how they should die a horrible death for having a different opinion and voicing it.

You're just the latest in a long line who prove to us every day that liberalism is a mental illness.

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We can never replace Andrew. But he stood boldly for American exceptionalism, just as our founders did. So in that sense, I am among those who will gladly pick up the torch and carry on in his name -- for America.
Rest in peace, sir.

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I've seen four-year-olds throwing a tantrum who made more sense than this. At least they have an excuse. Plus they're better spellers.

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It was odd to see positive comments from political hacks Nichole Wallace and Steve dip-Schmidt, given how they trashed her after the campaign was over. And yes, Sarah DID carry the campaign.

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Total shock! Rest in peace, Andrew. We'll all do our part to keep shining the light of truth to a deluded media.

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How did this dimwit even pass the LSAT? If she wants to behave like a floozy, she can do it on her own dime. Even as she whines about going broke for having to buy her own contraception, I'm sure she can scrape together enough change for beer and vodka.