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Yes, David, I watch my mother's spirit fade while she lives on 600.00 a month and paid for medicare almost 100.00 out of that taken automatically. She is an independent soul who has worked all her life, but at low wages, hence the low check now.

The government made contract with the railroad companies,which my father worked for, to allow them to take possession of his social security taxes for the rest of his working life, even money made in the private sector, after he quit the railroad, The contract allows them to DIS-INCLUDE all those other years SS taxes from the SS system so she cannot have any of those funds included in her check, like thg SS system does normally. This is a contract enriching the RR to the detriment of the welfaru of the Citizens. I spoke to my senators office when I learned of this, who frankly told me, I was confused, even though I said I had spoken with both the SS dept and railroad several times and was quite clear. I then spoke to an attorney who bills himself to work FOR the elderly and he simply said yes, it is that way, it is a law and nothing can be done

What I find, impossible to understand is how we listen to these people who sell us on voting for them, based always on what they will do for the people and once they secure the position, they write laws like this one and the one where we are double and triple taxed, and then these same belongings are taxed AGAIN after we die and our children inherit (many times, either going into new debt to keep it or losing it to guess who? The Government, how enriching! Something for NOTHING based ona law THEY wrote (right after they wrote themselves a raise)... What a SCAM, a SHAM at least that is how it feels, since there is then no accountability for the hardship imposed on the people who they place literally into poverty and destitution by their actions.

It's outrageous, and all I hear from the politicians when they are running is, oh I did this and that and that for you, so vote for me, place me in an unaccountable position and then I am done with you....

So President Barack, you have much to do, I wonder how much will actually enrich the actual people, how much will your congress allow you to put some balance and fairness into the laws, how much FOR the people will you be able to accomplish, amid all the challenges you face, surely we will not be again on the backburner while many waste away, dispirited and vulnerable due to actions and laws enacted or allowed to continue.

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Felice, I still think President Barack will be making the decisions while gleaning from the input of all viewpoints. As well as ours, which is too cool :)

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Well, Kimi, I can understand that and of course I would have to concede. I sure want Barack to be able to do what he needs to in order to be the most effective, which is what this country direly needs. It's just watching Bush take actions to thwart, slow down or hinder him, is why I would like to see this. But if it is counterproductive in the big picture, then I will happily take back my wish for revamping this. I look forward more and more to the progress President Barack and Vice President Joe and Team will make.

Good point, thanks for the reminder!



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Hey Lacey Ivey :)

I googled this for you. Please give your son this great big hug ((((((Lacey'sSon))))))

Ya might wait until closer to the 20th of Jan.... With that long list of new appointments Bush did last night (or night before) hell he might chunk it out.

Mailing Address

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

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I second this, Julie, getting back to the natural will intensely affect the future health of our citizens. However, it will probably come at a loss to the Big Pharma but hey :^] that ain't too bad now is it LOL I say abolish FDA and re-invent an agency like FDA. It's as corrupt as the current system and admin, IMO.

I got back a little bit (due to lack of funds) to massage. When I can go and if I could afford it often it does really help my health and energy!


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That's the part I'm wanting to see in the next 4-8 years, David. That there's only Citizens no classes. Yes that is exactly what Paulson and Bush bait and switch brought about by their ususal Oh FIRE, Hurry and do this tactic did. I am expecting them to be held accountable in the next Administration. Otherwise, it will send a message to the world openly that there are laws for us and then loopholes for the connected ones. I expect it will happen. It's just my way of believing postively. We can work with our rivals, but these officials must be held accountable for open manipulation and trickery at a global expense.

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Hey David :) I like something along these lines, the only thing that strkes me is this..

It would soon be that the Federal Reserve would own the car companies.. not sure how one might work that out. Ideas?

Also, maybe less for gas engines or maybe just like 10,000 or 15,000 for hybrid and 20k for non petroleum? We have to get these going for SURE.

Anyway, good thinking, it's a win-win. Gotta Love Balance!


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@ Margrit, Hey no doubt!! It would be a balance win-win huh? Would certainly have a better effect than Paulson's alleged attempt. I still think it was a planned give away to his buddies... But hey, I'm snotty that way sometimes LOL I would like to do something for those who have lost their homes already due to companies shut down or those payments going double scam thing.. I know they shouldn't have.. but hey.. should a securities be able to make a NEW security with mortgages that are bust AND resell and resell them?


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I like this idea too, as long as, it is for first family home and not the banks or other institutions. However, we could let them have the same rate as long as they too finance at the 2.5% for instance. I would ldke to see those people who lost their jobs due to the ill-handling of the administration AND then lost their home or credit to be considered for these loans, as long as they had good credit habits BEFORE and of course they can afford it now. Still, I like the thinking, it could get the homes housing families again too and get the economy going back in the right direction.
Ikeck, hey use those links, up there in Jim Johnson post, to share this idea further on up!
Great thinking, it's a helluva lot better than handing over to big banks to put in some cubby hole.


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Hey Jim :)

Glad you posted it here also! Here's where you can send in more direct. Go to:
http://www.chang.govthen look at the top for American Moment click that and then click Your vision.

Here's a direct link to it:

Actually here's a link to the economy Agenda and there you will see a box that will say click here to share your ideas. I might send it in at both places, just in case :)

Thanks again, good thinking!