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Yes, I'm kind of at that point right now. I don't necessarily see a drastic change ahead but there is certainly a tug or a drawing in a direction I've never gone before. I'm just praying it through and focusing on God's voice and the Holy Spirit's leading. Thing is - there are steps to be taken as well. Just walking, no jogging or running at this point! Although it may well come to that...
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Love me some Marcus Buckingham! Wise words indeed!

I feel much the same as you about my personal and work lives. My work is in ministry (ministry assistant) and it fulfills me in a way no other job ever has. It's not always a cake-walk, but there is NEVER a day that I dread going to work (not in 4+ years)!

The only thing I struggle with is sometimes feeling a little disconnected from the "real world". But I think, this has more to do with my personality than my job, though. If the world comes to me, that's fine. I'll engage. But I'm not likely to get out there and search it out for myself. In a secular job, I'd be forced to interact outside my normal comfort zone on a more regular basis.

Love the "how my worlds collide" line... :-)
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Thanks for posting your thoughts. I have a Kindle and have downloaded the apps to my laptop (PC) and my iPhone. Love how they all integrate with the WhisperSync technology. Some observations I have: I enjoy reading through the apps more than the actual Kindle. My 46 year old eyes need the backlit screen and color! When I highlight, I want to SEE yellow! Some things I miss through using the apps are the size of the screen (iPhone is so small) and not being able to highlight or annotate on the PC. So what I guess I want is a Kindle with touch screen, backlit, and color in addition to what they offer on current models.
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We don't skimp on the ketchup either - Heinz all the way.
Laundry - Gain and Downy
TP - Charmin (Although I have dropped down to the Basic)
Mayo - Kraft (the one with olive oil)
Other than that - MOST store brands will do.

Oh yes, my hubby works for Ford so that's a given!
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Thankfully your readers are pleasant and courteous. I can think of several sites where a question like this would be like opening a can of really ugly worms...

This is a tough one. I, like a few of the comments above, fall somewhere in the middle on this one. I was raised to understand the free will of all humans to choose God or to reject Him. I also believe that God draws all "men" to Himself - that's Him calling. We all get the call, the invitation. Does it have an expiration date? I'm not sure. Probably. Only God would know what that date is. I wouldn't want to chance missing that one.

The topic of predestination (again, as I understand it) lands me in the camp of God knowing WHO is going to accept His call/invitation (because He is all-knowing) is different from CAUSING it to happen. God chooses everyone, but not everyone chooses Him back.

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Spring - other than allergies, it brings a much needed retreat with gals from my church, possibly meeting an online friend face to face, and the completion of Beth Moore's Breaking Free study! My batteries should be good and charged until fall!

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I'm so far from being hip and cool it isn't funny. But I know some really hip and cool people. They are the only reason I'm not totally lame.

Here's my tip on new talent. A fairly new band from Down Under - Revive

You can thank me later...
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Most certainly He has reminded me that I am loved. Lots and lots of little ways every day - from family, friends, beautiful, sunny weekends that promise Spring is on the way, but the one thing that stands out from last week is that the God who created the universe loves me enough to teach me the same lesson over and over again because it's for my good. Not only that, but He chooses to teach me in the style that fits the way I learn best. That tells me two things. He REALLY knows me and I matter to Him.

Here's to loving and being well loved! Have a wonderful week!
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When are you meeting Alece? Are you coming to Atlanta? Could we all meet? I'm about to bust!!! Online friendships are good but I want to talk to you face to face! I've missed chatting with you lately. Sounds like you've been very busy and I know that feeling well! Take care...
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Oh yeah, I can be a grouch with the best of you guys and gals! Sometimes I think of changing my middle name from Ann to Oscar (from Sesame St. not Hollywood)!

But I've always heard, just as you've written here, that counting your blessings is the best way to chase away the grouchies. be honest sometimes I just like being grouchy - for a little while. Then I feel guilty for the people I hurt or attacked. And I'd rather not have to apologize, right? So next time the little green grouch monster wants to surface, I'll just start counting happy things and blessings. That'll teach him!

1. Wonderful Family
2. Wonderful Friends
3. Wonderful Job
4. Wonderful Life!
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