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From your mouth to God's ears, Mr. Krauthammer! Finally, someone who will state the oblivious, Obama is a dunce! With Charles and John Sunnu telling the media the truth about Obama, his IQ, and work ethic, perhaps a few people will start to wake up and realize they've been had!

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Wonderful ad. However, asking Americans to understand or recognize qualities such as leadership, integrity, honor, courage, or patriotism are big leaps for the majority of them to take. Its like explaining a sunset to a blind man. Most Americans no longer have any idea of what the above qualities entail, so asking them to note the absence of a quality (leadership) may well be a waste of time. Now on the other hand, if you had promised them a new iphone at no cost to that would get their attention! Cry for the beloved country!

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If she is mentally ill, she should not be allowed to vote! We don't allow children to vote, why should people who are essentially infants, i.e., not responsible for their subsistence be allowed to dictate to whom and how much we should give them. Nope, children can't vote because they are dependents, dependent people shouldn't be allowed to vote unless they are independent, i.e., not dependent children, reliant upon others for their existence. Simple.

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Animals! Always have been, always will be.

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Hopefully, after November, there will be a Mitt Romney bio page that says something to the effect: Mitt Romney, elected November 2012, replaced the BIGGEST PRESIDENTIAL MISTAKE in American history.

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As I listened to this "interview" I had one and only one image in my mind: The Pied Piper of Hamlin, with Obama as the piper leading America's "children", which aren't actually children but rather are INFANT (TIZED) adults who will follow this fraud anywhere. Can you say slavery? They will ignore the vapid logic, the outright lies, the deception and failure, as long as they think he will continue to sate their "need" for the next moment. Obama: "A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying NOTHING." Thank you Mr. Shakespeare for so beautifully characterizing this IDIOT and his actions!

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So Jay! How about clearing up a few of these "untruths" with something other than empty rhetoric! A simple rescinding of a few executive orders should do the trick. No? Then how about releasing his college transcripts, passport file, selective service registration, or Fast and Furious? Jay, your guy is a sham, you know it, we know it, and soon you and he will be a bad memory and IF there is any justice in the world, you will be sitting in an adjacent cell with your "dear leader" where you can ruminate for YEARS about the bad choices you made in your life...Obama being the worst!

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Can we get a bumper sticker with the title of this article? It would send a message! NO?

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This revelation makes me even sadder, madder, and more pessimistic than before for several reasons. One, that the nation I fought for could sink to such vile lawlessness and two, that there doesn't appear to be a hand full of congressmen and women who have the courage to take up the charge on this issue. The last time I checked, they took the same oath to defend the Constitution that me and millions before took with the knowledge that taking that oath meant up to and including your life to protect and defend. Thousands have paid that price and for what? So that yellow, cretins can sit in high offices and conspire to stay there? I don't think so. The word for their dereliction of duty is TREASON and they all deserve to be hanged as a result of it!

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So Rush, what do you think? This is the first time I have ever heard Rush take so much time to highlight some item without rendering his opinion. Why does Rush run like a rabbit from these issues, i.e., Obama's birth certificate, Social Security, Draft Registration, College grades, et al? What has the Obozo administration told him that they know?