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I'm posting here for the first time in months to say this: Officer Hood Ornament definitely did it last. You think a buncha blue thugs will fire at one of their own on purpose? Especially during a foxhunt? Those shots were the fucking coup de gras of the chase. The people inside the car were probably long dead, but it doesn't matter; ofay was having a fucking hood party. :(

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Raising a fist in solidarity with middle aged hip women.

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The Mullet: The chosen hairdo of Jebus hisself.

I had the less fashionable offshoot back in 1986: the frullet. Ah, biracial hair. Like the Jewfro, but more so.

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My mom is the same age and gay, she's probably not gonna change her mind either, LOL. :)

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I was thinking Denmark because of the progressive gender politics and bicycles, but then I'd have to learn to say rødgrød med fløde and tolerate hellishly long winters.

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Mine is a bowling ball with fur. She would have to go in the large pot. And we could probably eat for a week solid. However, I am aghast at ever *really* doing that sort of thing, and am now hugging my sweet ball of suet a little tighter just for posting in this thread. ;__;

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Having watched "John Dies at the End", it gives your statement a whole new meaning.

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Why put the cork back on? Monday's tomorrow.

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Hate reading is like hate fucking, to me. Not worth the time it takes, and you end up feeling filthy in a bad way afterwards. But I admire and respect those who can take it, and come back with a good report.