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Ok, here's Mushishi episode 1:

What a nice surprise it was to see this show up! Aaaaa it's such a good show!! Thanks to the person who commissioned it!

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Hey! Wow, it's been a while, huh?

I'm posting here again cuz I saw some news and remembered this post - Wolf's Rain has been relicensed and is getting a new Bluray/DVD release in February 2017!
Here's a link to a news article (spoiler warning for the synopsis of the show/images on the page):

So hey, it's not gonna be out of print anymore! Should be (obviously) much easier to find. Yay! :D
(I would've just edited this into my original post, but it wouldn't let me for some reason, so I'm just commenting again instead - whatever works, lol.)

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Well, looking at what's at the top of the ratings thus far, I'm really looking forward to these (as they'll almost definitely be added to the list):

Steven Universe
Gargoyles (haven't seen it since I was really little, interested in going back)
The 100 (never seen it, but the premise is interesting!)

After that, everything else I'd want to see has less ratings and probably less of a chance to be added. But, of those maybes, these have me pretty excited:

Wolf's Rain (I recommended this one! It's really good! aaaaaaaa)
Evangelion (It looks like he might have confirmed this one already? Hope so)
Paranoia Agent
Over the Garden Wall

Ha... to be honest, I'd be happy to see him add almost any anime series to the list. It's been a while, right? Seeing him do the Ouran videos for Patreon recently has been such a delight, it would be great to see him cover more. Some REALLY excellent ones have been suggested. Gankutsuou, The Vision of Escaflowne, Mushishi, The Twelve Kingdoms, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, etc. Not sure if any of it has enough votes. I'm just excited for new stuff in general though. NEW STUFF! :D

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Just wanted to add on to this - if Mark ever decided to cover this show (and that's a big maybe), I would be happy to send him my DVDs, since it's out of print and hard to find. I have a nicer copy of the show right now, so the DVDs I have could easily go towards this. :)

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I'm kicking myself for forgetting to recommend this. How could I forget?! But I'm totally upvoting this.

It's such a fantastic show. Great characters (particularly great female characters). It's such a complex fantasy world the story sets up, and they really go into detail on the people and politics. "Epic" is definitely a good descriptor.

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26. And then a movie that kind of/sort of is an ending to the series (maybe alternate ending).

And then years later they rebooted the franchise with new movies. There have been 3 so far.

Edit: whoops, beaten.

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Oh my god YES. This is another one of the anime shows that used to be on the list before Mark shortened it down. But I always really, really hoped he would get back to it eventually.

It's so perfect for this site! Every episode would have a plethora of things to write about. God, there's so many good ones that I still remember after all these years - definitely some truly unforgettable moments in this show. And it's only 13 episodes long, so it wouldn't take very much time to get through it.

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I had a comment about this show on one of the threads that got deleted, but I'll repeat:

YES. Definitely yes to this show! It would be perfect.

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Actually, Mushishi used to be on the list. It was one of the shows (along with Evangelion and Paranoia Agent) that were moved off the list to focus on the ones that had a lot of commissions.

I'm also not sure how viable it would be, but Mushishi is a big favorite of mine and I would love to see it covered!

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This is probably a long shot, but...

Wolf's Rain

It's one of my favorite anime shows ever. It's very dark and moody, but it has so many wonderful characters with real depth. I get really emotional over this show (as do other people that love it, for REASONS). It's hard to write anything about what it's about without spoiling anything, but I'll try.

The basic premise is that the world is in decline, slowly nearing the end of humanity. There is an old legend that says that when the world is about to end, Paradise will open... but only wolves will know how to find it. The problem is that wolves have been extinct for hundreds of years. The story then follows a group who is searching for Paradise in this ruined world. I really can't say any more than that without spoiling.

Why watch this show? Well:

- Wonderful, mature writing
- Well-developed characters
- It's a beautiful show - even though it's from 2003, it was very well animated and it has aged well.
- The soundtrack is amazing - it's by Yoko Kanno, of Cowboy Bebop fame. In fact, one of the main writers on Cowboy Bebop, Keiko Nobumoto, wrote this show (she is extremely talented and I adore her)!

The dub for it is even excellent! One of my favorites in fact, and one of the few times I even recommend the English dub over the original (although they are both fantastic).

It's 26 episodes long (technically 30, but 4 of those episodes are recaps that SHOULD DEFINITELY BE SKIPPED).

It is out of print though, and may be hard to find (torrents of it are easy to find though). But we have had shows like that on this site before so... we'll see.

I know this is probably not a popular enough show, but man, seeing it covered on this site would make me super happy.