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Just to clarify, the suggestion I initially made was to listen to it with a "kindness of heart and an open mind", the "like John Friend" comment was a little joke that was meant to convey the idea that John Friend seems to live with a kindness of spirit and an open mind, which seem like virtues that could serve you well. Hopefully my reference to the concept of Anugraha in Tantric Texts was helpful for you for finding textual and historical substantiation for what John is talking about.

Furthermore, John Friend has never called himself a "Yoga Guru" and he is not making any claims of authority. He has stated many times in interviews and even on his own website that he founded his style of yoga on a broad Tantric philosophy that draws upon key philosophical concepts from various Tantric schools of thought, mostly those schools originating in the area of Kashmir. He states in the interview that his definition of Grace is simply that: his definition of what Grace is (obviously based on his own philosophical studies and his own poetic and creative mind.)

I really think it is just odd that you chose to lash out at a man like this, since he really isn't hurting anyone or slandering anyone or claiming any kind of wierd authority. He is being quite faithful to the teachings of Tantra, as can be verified by the world reknowned Tantric scholars that he has as advisors to and teachers within Anusara yoga - Paul Muller-Ortega, Carlos Pomeda, Bill Mahony and Douglas Brooks, to name a few. If anything, his bringing these great ideas and philosophies to the masses is a wonderful service for our modern day community and in many ways he should be lauded for continuing the tradition of Tantric thought and lifestyle by adding his voice, innovation and specific applications to these profound points of view.

I love varying points of view and I always appreciate a good debate or disagreement, as I feel that is a fantastic way to learn more. However, your comments were not made in an open minded vein of seeking insightful debate or discourse. Rather they simply criticized - quite personally and severely - a man who seems to have a sharp and open mind and a huge compassionate heart.

Wishing you well right back and hoping this exchange has brought some insight, clarity and inspriation to always speak from your highest and most loving place. :)

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This interview was terrific to see. What a great treat to see John Friend in a humorous, playful and relaxed setting. The banter between you two is priceless and ease-filled. It is amazing to see John move from the pointed clarity of his life's work to the delight of joking around with Waylon and the audience - dancing with each moment with sensitivity, skill and sweetness. A magnificent example of how to offer yourself in this world. So great EJ - keep things like this coming!