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I was just wondering about the particulars of the law, I'm no legal professional but I like comparative legal studies :P

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The Constituional Yuan has ruled the ban unconstitutional and has given the Legislative Yuan 2 years grace period to change the law, the ruling will automatically come into effect if parliament fails to comply.

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Well I appreciate that Rick, thank you for making me feel welcome in spite of our differences in opinion. :)

I may have said it before, I like measures like the ECHR and it's implementation. I don't always agree with the decisions it's enforcing bodies may make, but the overwhelming majority of the time I believe it's a positive force so I don't object to it and I even support it.

Anyways I think this horse has been beaten to death by now lol

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Is the HRA a constitutional document or is it a matter of superseding previous legislation?

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I thought the CC already killed it?

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You are perfectly entitled to that perception of candidates that you oppose, as you know I disagree with that assessment. I don't wish to get into another argument on this, I just want there to be good-will and a presumption of good-intention. Inquiry over accusation, I think that attitude has been healthy for this particular forum in the past and should continue even when there are stark differences of opinion.

I like to pride myself as a moderate-liberal democrat (little 'd'), I can assure you that I'm no Stormfag (i.e. "Self hating" and/or a "neonazi"). I do not endorse, rather I vigorously despise, racial bigotry or the dissolution of a democratic state, I feel that my support for LePen was congruent to these primary points of my ideology.

Again, my intention is not to argue. I prefer a healthy exchange of ideas that can be challenged and even refined. As such, I would like a margin of grace going into future discussions.

I know it's kinda silly to take this seriously, but I do enjoy being here from time to time and I want to continue to be able to enjoy contributing to discussions.

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Nominally, the Republic is decentralized (in the preamble of their constitution) but this usually isn't the case in practice and especially not in regards to civil rights. This is in stark contrast to the British tradition of devolution which is why there's little harmony in the U.K. on such matters like Marriage Equality (although the U.K. Parliament could theoretically unilaterally harmonize the law in its jurisdiction).

In the Napoleonic Code, new laws were considered in effect on the date it could first be know or within 6 months (if I recall correctly). That was because in 1804 word travelled slowly. But in any case it was to be uniform throughout the empire, so that no one would have a privilege by merit of their residency (as was often the case in Ancien Regime)

Anyways, the US takes after the British tradition which is why the Virgin Islands, for example, cannot vote in important American elections even though they may be citzens and in a US territory. It's convuluted, but historically that's why things are like that.

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Well congrats to Macron and his supporters, I really do hope that this new government listens to the concerns of the opposition as well as keeping true to the platform that got them elected. I still hope that's euroskeptics make gains in the parliaments to continue to push the government's on matters of terrorism and an EU referendum.

That said, I truly want the French to comeback together. To heal and to see recovery, to have a bright and patriotic future. Brexit, Trump, and this election has been marked by so much anger and resentment I just hope the civil angst of the West can cease and return to a much less alarmist discourse. And I neither want nor envision people norm having passionate discussions or strong opinions, I just want to see people use the term 'fascist' or 'racist' a little less often. RBG and Scalia are great examples of people who can have vigorous disagreements and still be friends.

I digress.

I excused my self from the thread earlier because I felt that's it just became a flame war and it wasn't pointless, so I'm sorry to FortGuy for ghosting because gen was actually being a quite pleasant. I'm not necessarily expecting responses to this, its just that I usually respect the people on this platform and I've gotten a lot out of it over the past few years so I would would like to have some closure the distressing arguments a few weeks ago.

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Yeah not really, the only point LePen has at all mentioned is marriage, not any other aspect. and what about Les Republicains? They have the same position care much more repealing marriage rights, especially adoption rights, and they're 'mainstream'. That is what should scare you.

Hell even if LePen wins, the majority of Frenchmen will still support LGBT rights and she's not likely to have a parliamentary majority. The particular executive power she has campaigned on is to refer a constitutional amendment to the ballot box and that is going to be reserved for Frexit.

Again with the German comparison, wow very clever.

Yeah, LGBT people are allowed to have varying opinions as much as leftists like you wish they wouldn't. So I'm sure plenty will vote for and against LePen, hopefully the ones that vote for Macron has a touch more grace and civility than you and your associates here has displayed.

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Anti-LGBT agenda? Literally changing the marriage law is #87 on the list of its not really a priority much less is a socialist CC going to let it be ratified. And it's not a position unique to FN, the Republicans have almost the exact same stance.

Again, you both are being grossly hyperbolic. "Christian Sharia", really?

Anyways we're just going in circles. I'll be seaking to FortGuy since he's seems much more rational.