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As DRB said, Project Wonderful is gone. The Hiveworks guy killed it by poaching the top traffic sites, and screwed over every smaller comic creator out there. It's Patreon or nothing now.

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The catch is my issues is a "movement disorder" - which means activity is the trigger. The easier-paperwork solution the docs love is not only 10x the money on my end, but fairly worthless, since I have to adjust my med coverage to match my activity. I have to go through MONTHS of these error trials to confirm it's the treatment plan, not the meds chosen. (The meds have always worked when applied correctly.) I'm gonna do another hail mary this week, but I expect to be punished instead of indulged. Still, they put me through absolute hell these past four weeks, and karma says I am owed some reparations!

I regret my optimism earlier in the year. I found a way to be stable while motionless, and felt it was a good start. Guess what happened when I tried to train myself up to regular drawing???

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I'll need a doctor visit to not end in crushing disappointment first, but that's part of the dream.

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Link to the Patreon, because I demand more while providing less:

I have no memory of including the sample art in this post. Hmm.

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Everyone can hit the archive button and deep dive. I recommend it! Relive the good times while I slowly reassemble myself!

Plus, if you do so, you will be guaranteed to know more about Precocious than I do, because I haven't read my own archives in a loooong time, and I've forgotten so much!

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First off, thank you thank you!!!

Second, I never know when I'll have sketch energy, and having a resource folder of prompts ready beforehand is better than having to waste sketch energy trying to find something!

It's pretty sad. I have a drawing station set up in the studio and bedroom, so I can LEAP IN the second I get a spark. Still, without a prompt to expedite my focusing, I often burn out during warm up.

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Buh buh buh BOTH SIDES!!!!

No, dude. The scope of the good and bad is ridiculously skewed. Anyone claiming "both sides" is either dreadfully underinformed, easily distracted by propaganda, a coward looking to cover up their own bigotry or one-issue greed, or a contrarian butthead who uses their protection as a white male to treat it all as a game. Putting kids in concentration camps is abhorrent. Forcing gun users to have a license, and restricting the use of weapons that are at the core of constant mass murders in America, is not abhorrent. At worst it's a mild inconvenience, which privileged souls do seem to consider the greatest pain possible - as it is the greatest pain they've ever encountered in life.

Voting isn't sending a love letter, it's making a chess move towards the greater good. Sometimes you sacrifice a piece to get a better angle at victory... but that's not what you want to think it is. If you sacrifice a Dem in a winnable race, and a majority GOP changes the rules to make the progress you want impossible for a generation... congrats, you just played yourself!

And here's the thing for third party lovers: The GOP constantly uses it's power to dismantle the election process, which makes it worse for third party candidates. Democrats are the party most likely to implement the ranked voting system, which is the only way voting 3rd party doesn't sabotage the mainstream candidate you match with best. (Like Maine, after short-sighted 3rd party voters make a hash of the state for two election cycles. And, oh hey, the GOP governor refused to implement the chances the legislature forced on him! Surprise!) You only get your wish if Dems get enough of a majority to implement proper reforms. (And, hopefully, pass laws that centralize voting procedures, so GOP secretaries of state can't purge all Democrats before elections.)

I didn't want to go super political in the comments, but that giant essay happened, and I will not tolerate smug jokers like you making empty excuses. Yeah, I'll die. Brown people will die. Kids and jews are already dead, and more will come. You won't, though, so who cares? Doesn't affect you directly, so BOTH SIDES ARE BAD!!!!

I will not tolerate people who treat my life as worth less than a gun's, or any equivalent alt-right BS talking point. My life is over. My chance at a career is over. I have no financial incentive to let people be monsters in my comments (and those types drive away the commenters who enhance a community anyway, so the best business move is purging them anyway), so spend your whining time on introspection instead.

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For the record, the stones on each cover are mostly for style, but also reference how certain stones they find bond to party members.

Meret’s gravity stone is the first found, and by far the most used. Next, in both use and in being found, is Nate’s light stone. (I believe I’ve already mentioned how vital that bugger is for animation adaptation!)

Aaron holds the resonant stone on the cover, though that’s a book 3 acquisition - it seeks out the remaining stones, and it’s direction is WHY they split up in book 3 - because his normal stone is the charge stone, and it’s too big for the artwork. Using a stone drains it, and it recovers *very* slowly. The charge stone speeds up the process for whatever stone’s inside. Gravity and light are used in small bursts, so they can mostly stay powered without needing the charger. The resonance stone drains fast, cuz it’s a helpful nudge, not a map. (Using the fire stone on a campfire? It stays charged. Use it as a weapon? One shot and drained! That one bonds with Tijo, btw.) The charge used also lets you know what is considered right or wrong uses of a stone.

Kimban probably has the capacity stone, since it fits his “Work smarter, not harder” attitude. This is their bag of holding, which is not something I particularly want in this story, but makes hauling supplies for a group of 8-9 far easier! And I though of a trippy story about them finding it, which makes no sense, but is satisfyingly weird! (And precedent is needed to make the far-superior Momentum “sequel” in my head work. I only talk about that one in Twitter rambles.)

Phoebe has the amnesia stone. If you’re in a tough situation, whip it out and it puts those around you to sleep. Their short term memory then zips away like a forgotten dream! Useful if you show up at a politician’s place in an ambassador’s role, then ROB the guy. Also… *looks at the hover text* It, uh, can clean up messes. (Sorry, Rhenna. 6-2 vote. Tijo and Phoebe were “keep her” votes, btw, so Aaron better pray Rhenna doesn’t remember.)

I have a doc *and* a dentist appointment today, so I’m staying in bed to store up energy, and I got bored. Typing on my phone is a massive pain, so forgive me for any typos. I caught all I could.

The fun part of being super sick is that you often are forced to skip basic maintenance tasks, which can eventually add up and result in disaster. You know what you are risking, and you also know that the energy to be responsible just isn’t there. And that’s how I’ve twice had fillings crack on me! (Well, this latest one is more cuz the dentist rushed it - but she rushed because she tried to do three fillings at once, so I wouldn’t have to come back. Whoops!)

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He's an indigo mage - I'll get to that eventually - so he's got a blue vest and is designed off a Russian blue cat. I'm lazy and cheap.