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Hi Barbara,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, and you've covered quite a bit of ground in your comment, which is always welcome at this site =). Thanks also for pointing to a ministry by which you've been encouraged; I thank God for the teachers I've encountered in my life who continually point me to Him above all other things.

I do have a favor of you to ask, if you're willing to consider it. In the article you pointed to, Wommack makes the point that He has ministered to thousands of people who "just won't let the Bible get in the way of their theology." And I would echo these thoughts--that one of our greatest challenges as followers of Jesus and readers of God's word is to know which parts of what we believe come from God's word and which parts come from something else.

As I thought about this topic, and as I searched the Bible for what God had to say about it, I found that I needed to engage on a number of passages which shed some light on God's working in our lives, in and through sickness and deformity. Three of these are passages I've shared as part of this post (Exodus 4, 2 Samuel 12, John 9). And what I found is that Wommack was right: I had been unwilling to let the Bible get in the way of my theology. I've done the best I can to say what these verses say about this topic, and whether the conclusions drawn here are Biblical and right, or if they are misguided, is something you and other readers will have to consider as you search the Scriptures yourself.

I'd love for you to consider these three passages, what they say about God, what they say about our understanding of Him, and what they say about how He works in the world. If you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts on them, I'd certainly welcome those.

Thanks again for reading and for taking the time to write. I hope you will continue to stop by from time to time!

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If I write a book one day on the tension we see in God's word, and it happens to be titled Beautiful Tension, I'll know who to give a shout out to =)

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Beautiful, Debbie. This is one of those occasions where a comment is perhaps more helpful than a post. Thank you for sharing your recent "theme" and how God has been working in your heart and mind!

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What a challenge, and what an adventure. Two sides of the same coin of daily obedience. I could stand to see the beauty of the adventure more than I do. "Enjoying all that He has for me even in the waiting" is an even better way of putting it. God's grace to you, Debbie, as you write or not =).

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Thanks, Mike. Please continue to pray over the next few weeks--for humbling circumstances, opportunities to grow in dependence on God, grace to trust, wisdom to recognize His guiding hand, and courage to obey.

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As a guy who loves efficiency, I like your oft-said phrase about God =). And as a guy who loves truth, I like it as well--God does use everything to fulfill His will in the world! Thanks for your words of wisdom, particularly about the difference between paper and living theology, as well as your encouragements to Jenn. I'll pass your words along to her this evening.


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Hi Vipul,

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Just to dig a little deeper with you, would you say that God is distinct from each and everyone and micro particles and macro particles? Or would you say that all the material world *is* God?

Searching for truth with you,


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Good word, Krista. I have a friend whose mom gets up each day to read and pray, and she says the motivator for her each morning, when she wakes up tired and just wanting to snooze, is to image Jesus sitting in her living room waiting to meet. If she had a "real" guest there, she'd get up in an instant! Maybe something else to contemplate: not only is God with us (beside us as you say), but what does it mean for our going about our day to know that God's Spirit is *in* us, working His will out through us. The conversation just gets deeper, more real, more intimate, the more we realize the realness of God, as you say!

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Neil, thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you found your way here and hope you're encouraged by what you read to make much of God in your life! Please continue to share your thoughts and weigh in as you see fit. Thanks again!

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So sorry to hear that. I just prayed for you that you would be strengthened by God during this time, that He would give you a peace that comes from His faithfulness, and that your affections for Him would deepen in this time of trial.