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Thanks for that info. I usually phone the bank before I leave the country in any way, just so they know to approve the transactions. Now just one more thing to do before you leave.

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Thanks for the bank reference... Will see what I can do about that.

As I was thinking about this, how the @#$ am I supposed to pay my hotel bill for a family of four to stay for say 5 nights? Seeing that they will reject transactions over +- $1375 - I'll have to pay the accommodation on a daily basis - lol. Or split it over 3 credit cards :)

If it wasn't for the fact that it happened to you and you only posted this today I would've thought it's an April fools joke.

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Now this in just BS. I mean, how are you supposed to pay and run multiple online advertising campaigns (PPC/PPV/etc) successfully? What will happen to your advertising accounts if they start getting declined transactions regularly? Not that I spend that much per day, but if two companies - say Facebook and Google - charge my account on the same day the transactions could be declined without a valid reason. Only the crap laws in SA to blame...

I think I'll just take a vacation in the US and open a bank account while I'm there and start using that account. I think their banks might even be cheaper too, plus no currency exchange fee of 1.2% - 1.5% each time :)

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This is a great way to "mask" your affiliate links yes. It looks a lot better to the visitors on your site when they hover over your links and also like you said when a CPA offer comes to an end you can easily change the target URL to another offer..

For Wordpress sites there is a plugin called "redirection" which also does this for you without having to edit your .htaccess file and it is very easy to set up and use.

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What percentage open rate do you expect to get from this list? I know I use throw-away email addresses for article submissions, or I filter them out automatically and I guess any serious article marketer would do something similar.

I'd rather build a list of 50 - 100 hot, ready-to-buy and serious prospects over a month than 2500 no value "readers".

I'm not going to debate this - sure Johan found a way to make some money online - good for him. Running around and bad mouthing other people because they don't do exactly what you do is of no use.

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Ah come on Offerforge. Why don't you inform your affiliates when you remove programs? We get emails from you all the time announcing new programs and payouts, but programs that reach their limit or are paused/deleted are even more important but no sign of those emails.

We do not want to log in to Offerforge on a daily basis to see if the programs we promote are still available. We either lose money on Adwords or other paid advertising, or we look stupid if we email our lists and the programs are no longer live (same goes for ads on our websites).

I know it's not possible to call each affiliate personally, but you do have our email addresses. I'm sure you even have most of our cellphone numers and an SMS system can also be used for urgent messages.

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Very true - your ROI is the bottom line when it comes to making decisions regarding your marketing - both online and offline. Offline is just so much harder to track. Online you can even calculate the ROI for a specific keyword on a specific search engine/media buy, not just the campaign as a whole.

That is also what I love about this industry - no bank will provide you with a 100% or higher return on investment...

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Well said. I've seen the same thing in this industry, where someone bought an ebook or two and now claim to be an expert. The questions he asks and advice he gives to clients were possibly relevant in the 90's, but not anymore... and he gets even the basic stuff wrong.

I'm just sorry for those customers who get mislead by these people.

Dale, well done on the new blog. I'll be adding it to my RSS reader just after I'm finished with this comment.

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Excellent, and well done Justin. This is a great achievement and we're very happy for you.

It just goes to show what hard work, dedication and believing in yourself can do.

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Well done & congratulations Dale.

Hope you are enjoying the new Merc and trust you had a good weekend driving around. I'll check out the merc next week!