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You and me both! It’s tempting to take on more and more projects for the thrill of creating and working on something new, but sometimes it is just too much. No harm in just taking a step back though. You never know what you’ll discover when you broaden your perspective.

Haha nice ;)

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Nice post Jason! Another point which falls under give before getting is stay consistent. Building your business is all about brand recognition and for that to happen you must stay focused on your message and your audience.

There are millions of blogs out there and it is tempting to sign up for hundreds, but it is better just to stay grounded and actively participate in only a few that way you can build a following easier because you're focusing your efforts instead of spreading yourslef out too thin.

Another good idea by Seth Godin is to take into consideration the picture you use on your social media sites and what it says about you both personal and professionally.