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It will ruin your delusion that the show is flawless... xD

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I guess Sombra would be pleased to hear that...

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Shocking News: Hasbro is actually Asian, and therefore has trouble with differing L and R...! o.O

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That would actually be more cringeworthy than EqG...!
I want a Pony movie, darn it!

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I would only accept that if one of two things happened...
Either that the ponies were SFM. (Placing 2D elements in a 3D enviroment looks weird.) (And I guess it would sort of work...)
Or if they were genetically engineered creatures.
Using horses would just be cringeworthy...

That engineering-part would be kinda cool, ya? Who wouldn't want to have an equestrian pony at their side, even if they would be fake...

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You don't speak russian, you say? :D

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I'd say they would love the ponies regardless of size!
I think horses really aren't "big" anywhere...

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I don't care that there isn't "a very strong culture for promoting horses in Japan"! I don't care that you like them, or that you own one!
It's not relevant to the subject matter!

...I don't even like horses...!

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I really like your list!

But who in their right mind would pay for a Flashlight, when you can get Sunlight through your Windows for free...!!

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I actually hated that part!

...Wait, I don't remember any horses...
Meh, I kinda really don't like horses in generall, so that's probably why...