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Yeah,...and I can dance to it, too

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You're the simpleton.

"Illinois Republican Senator Jack Ryan was a shoe-in to keep his seat in 2004."

Fact: Jack Ryan was never a senator.

Fact: It was not "his" seat, as the incumbent was Peter Fitzgerald.

Fact: Republican Fitzgerald was the first Republican to win an IL US Senate race in 20 yrs., beating the Democratic incumbent by less than 3%, mostly because of corruption charges against the Democratic incumbent.

No Republican vying to become a US Senator from IL is a shoe-in.

Fact: Fitzgerald butted heads with the Republican establishment in IL because he wasn't simply a yes-man to them. They were more interested in things like protecting corrupt Republicans like former Governor Ryan, who is currently in prison. Read his Wiki page to see that Fitzgerald mostly stood up for the taxpayer.

Fact: Fitzgerald chose not to run again mostly because he would not have the support of the Republican establishment in IL. They drove out the only Republican able to win in 20 yrs.

Then, without the incumbent advantage, Ryan stepped up. After the fall-out from the 'scandal,' with only a couple of months until the election, the idiot Republican establishment picked an outsider to replace Ryan, someone who was not from IL, did not live in IL, and who most Illinoisians knew nothing about.

Alan Keyes.

The people got a quick look at Keyes and voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

Who in their right mind would think Keyes could win in IL? Another bone-headed move by the Republican establishment in IL. They should have picked who came in second in the primary; someone people were familiar with, someone who was from IL for crissakes. Oh, but the 'establishment' had issues with him too, apparently.

They handed the election to Obama. Every Republican in IL knows it.

Next time you go calling someone a simpleton, learn the facts first.

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"Illinois Republican Senator Jack Ryan was a shoe-in to keep his seat in 2004..."

Actually, it was not "his seat," nor was Ryan ever a senator.

The seat had been Peter Fitzgerald's, the first Republican to have won a US Senate seat from IL in 20 yrs. After one term, he chose not to run again, mainly due to repeatedly butting heads with 'Republican leadership' in IL.

It was the inept and corrupt 'Republican leadership' in IL that handed Obama the senate seat (and thus, the presidency) when they drove out the incumbent. Again, Fitzgerald was the first Republican US Senator from IL in 20 yrs.

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He's been in many movies I really like and though a fine actor, he just doesn't have the 'it' factor for me, the charisma, the uniqueness. Franky, I can see other actors paying many of his roles.

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Recently, neighbors in my area were organizing to change what school district kids in our area attend. We live in a city with a good school district, but live in a small area that belongs to a school district in a neighboring village which isn't as good.

Anyway, the first required step was to secure the signatures of 90% of homeowners who support th change.

They got the signatures and brought them to the appropriate authorities. It turns out that the list the 'authorities' use is a list of registered voters in our area, not a list of actual homeowners.

It turns out that many people who are still on the active voter rolls are dead or have moved away. The organizers said they would bring proof of the current occupiers/owners of homes, but the 'authorities' said that wouldn't do-they had to go by the official registered voter list-and the organizers would have to go to 'other authorities' to get the registered voter list updated.

This goes to show you two things; registered voter lists are messed up everywhere and it's ordinary citizens who have to take action to straighten this mess out.

Has anyone been voting in the name of the these dead people? Are people who have moved voting in more than one place?

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I get Reelz but don't have HBO, so the switch works for me. Looking forward to watching it.

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HuffPo/AOL has so embarrassed itself with this blatant hypocrisy. The site is a laughingstock and is obviously geared to compete idiots. That's why I have canceled my account. 5 minutes spent on that site is 5 minutes too long.

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Ha ha!

And what does your response, according to your own standard, tell me?

That you are our own worst enemy!

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It's 'advice' fool!

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No one wanted to come with me to either of Beck's rallies, but virtually everyone I know was at the Stewart/Colbert rally.

Amusing that you talk about diversity, yet clearly surround yourself with people who mostly see everything as you do.

BTW, DC is overwhelmingly Democrat, so a Democrat driven event is more easily able to attract a crowd solely due to logistics. Oh, and free bus rides never hurt either.