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Or like a toddler whining that someone else is blowing out the candles instead of him because he doesn't understand that it's not his birthday party.

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I just looked up Gears of War to confirm that, yes, it's the game with Marcus Fenix as the main character, and the petty side of me wants to kind of snicker at Bleczinski. This bit and his "Fake Geek Girl" cry alone give me the image of him as that guy who must show the world that, yes, he has a Man Card. It's toxic masculinity and that "classic" fear of the feminine.

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I haven't seen the live action movie, so I can only compare the manga to the anime. I thought the manga told the story better and had the more satisfying ending, but the anime had more of a fun factor to it. The potato chip scene was originally just a quiet moment where Light is stealthily continuing his killings without getting caught, but the anime action'ed it up until even the English dub was apparently aware of how silly it ended up being.

As for how Death Note's protagonist and antagonist represent a good vs. evil game, I personally disagree. I saw Light and L as villain vs. anti-villain, or at least as two assholes who thought of themselves as saviors. Light's villainy was more obvious with the God complex and killing, but L was not a pure hero despite his being on the same side as the police. He would only take on cases that personally interested him, and his imprisonment and interrogation of Light and Misa would have sent him over the Moral Event Horizon if we the audience didn't already know he was correct about them being the Kiras. So although L had a slight moral edge over Light, I ultimately didn't really root for one over the other, just sat back and enjoyed watching them try to best each other.

And then when Light ended up killing L, it felt like that was the main story the author wanted to tell, but it couldn't just end there because it would be either a downer ending for the world or left incomplete. Light had to go down. The arc with Mello and Near just came across to me as something to wrap up Light's rise and fall, to just give the series an actual conclusion. Hence why considerably less careful thought was put into it.

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The first time I saw bears in person at a zoo (it was a zoo in Japan where you ride a bus and feed the animals), I truly had to resist a strong urge to pet them. I had a dog whose face was shaped almost exactly like a bear's, so they just reminded me of him.

More recently, I've been getting more interested in bears because of We Bare Bears.

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Dogs, no contest for me. Seeing and petting a dog automatically makes a bad day better.

Heck, just yesterday I was too stressed out to have much appetite. This morning, I still couldn't eat breakfast. Then on the elevator ride down my building, this lady had a friendly pit bull on a leash. She let me pet the dog, and I calmed down enough to feel hungry again later. The building doesn't even allow pets (except for service animals or maybe temporary pet-sitting), so really, what were the chances of a dog ending up on the same elevator as me? I took it as a sign that today would be better than yesterday. And it was :)

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When it comes to cosplay I tend to pick characters I already resemble so I don't have to do much besides buy the right accessories and clothes. The last character I cosplayed was Itachi Uchiha from Naruto, and I posted pictures on the forum some time ago. That was from almost 10 years ago. Wow...

I then thought maybe I could be Chell from Portal 2 since we look almost exactly alike, but I'm not a big fan of Portal. Couldn't play the game without getting queasy. Then I thought of being Commander Shepard since Shepard's appearance is customizable, and there is a guy who makes cosplay costumes for pay, but he said the armor would be too much work for him.

...Ooh! I have a black newsboy cap somewhere and a black long sleeve shirt, so maybe with a white belt and some way to put a red R on the shirt I could be a Team Rocket grunt.

Now that I'm thinking about cosplay the ideas are coming in.

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I like to sum it up as, "Women's history is a marked column in each chapter of the textbook. Men's history is the rest of the book."

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Ooh, someone mentioned Elvis upthread somewhere. That brings up some songs of his that were kinda problematic, as much as I enjoy his singing and most of his songs.

- "A Little Less Conversation" is telling the lover to stop trying to communicate and just shut up and please him.
- "US Male" flat out refers to her as his property, literally using that word.
- "Stuck on You" can sound like someone who won't take no for an answer ("Hide in the kitchen, hide in the hall. Ain't gonna do you no good at all. 'Cuz once I catch you and the kissing starts, a team of wild horses couldn't tear us apart.")

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"Baby Love" and "Come See About Me," both by the Supremes. Both have such cheerful tunes and rhythms but the lyrics are about a miserable relationship. There's also "Where Did Our Love Go"

And as a non-Supremes example there's "Build Me Up Buttercup," one of my favorite songs turns out to be about a bad case of Oneitis.

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Yep. That's what I do. Valentine's Day to me is Pink and Chocolate Day.