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I went to Greece in high school and our guide asked if any of us were vegetarians. None of us were, which was "good, because sometimes restaurants don't have a fish option."

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FUCK KALE; I tried to cook it in a pan with some olive oil and garlic and it was a waste of garlic and olive oil because nothing can cover up that taste. I also hate most dark leafy greens, which hopefully is my body's way of saying I am full up on iron?

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I once had a chiropractor who said we should all eat a lot of red meat and avoid dairy because it leaches calcium from our bones; the fact that it builds stronger bones is a DAIRY INDUSTRIAL LIE. He also once followed me out to the car to berate me for smoking cigarettes and try to get me to talk about the fact that I was cutting to him because "[he was] a doctor". I DON'T HAVE A CHIROPRACTOR ANYMORE

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it is basically all misery but it's really well-done and funny misery? I watched the entire series with my mom and we both loved it, but I don't recommend that unless you want to look at a lot of penises with your mom (I usually prefer not to but I made an exception because it is such a good show and also I didn't realize how many penises)

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My Grandma was on hospice for two weeks before passing earlier this month. I don't grieve well, so I kind of haven't processed it at all. This was a really beautiful read. Thank you so much, and I'm sorry for your loss.

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I plan on forgetting I ever read this.

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So I got a copper IUD over a year ago and while it did make my periods and cramps much stronger and last longer, they also made my cycle go up to about 50 days from 30ish. What is that, and do I have to go to a doctor, because then I have to get a doctor.

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My brother and I were big Redwall fans as kids and had a Redwall-themed dinner once. Our version of seaweed grog was just chopped lettuce in water. Nobody could stomach the hotroot soup.

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but will Walking Dead finally be off the air by then because my GOD that show is so terrible

I will very kindly allow you the first season but after that no more excuses

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My mom and I went to the ER together and my dad stayed home and finished carving the pumpkin. He said it was fine, he just had to wipe the blood off, and I was almost done anyways.

They gave me temporary stitches in the ER because my tendon was fucked and I'd have to have outpatient surgery, so I had to come back days later and when they took the massive cast they'd put on me off (WHY SO BIG, it was literally from my fingertips to my elbow for a pinky tendon) there was still dried pumpkin goo and blood. The temporary cast they put on after I had the tendon repair surgery irritated my excema so much that when they removed it I could peel layers of my skin off.