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voice acting needs work XP

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the Briishness...I didn't get the kids excitement from that lackluster wahoo..... though XPXD.

Idk some angles are cute in a weird way..others are creepy....idk how to react D: XD

Also I bet her mane would get tangled and knotted after one play session XPXD

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MA Larson's ultimate trollsode. He turns all he ponies into princesses in order to fight an enemy XD.

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who cares i'm just glad to see good old fashion 2d animation from Disney again

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it stares deep into my soul D:

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Rainbow Dash smells like vanilla confirmed...what do the other ponies smell like i wonder

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now watch as people overreact and post the hate xP

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The starts are not in position for this tribute!

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It works because Netflix recommended it for me to watch, I was bored so yolo and I watched it. That's when I realized that Jenga (main character) would probably be like the biggest brony ever, if it existed in his world. His Beyblade being Pegasus and the fact he yells the word every five seconds....sooo....I made a one episode with him as a hardcore brony for the lolz and it went down surprisingly well with just my voice in it, so it should hopefully be better with more voices lol.

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CandD...In 3...2.....1