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We have a "blue dog democrat" in Indiana. Baron Hill. I don't trust him to do the right thing. After all he voted FOR Cap and Trade. BUT, we are protesting him with calls, email and protesting him at his offices. He had better do the right thing. We even delivered a "pink slip" to his home after Cap and Trade. I think he gets the general idea.

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What kind of country have we all awakened in? Have we all been asleep for the last twenty years and allowed our country to get into this kind of shape? Now we're stuck with a man (Obama) that thinks he's God and knows more about what we want than we do. He will step up for ousted dictators but won't step up for those who are fighting and sacrificing their lives for freedom, which is something we all have but are letting quickly slip away.

BTW, why is NO ONE reporting on all the Tea Parties? I expected mainstream media to ignore them. But not even Fox News or Glen Beck is reporting on all the Tea Parties! I just don't get it.

I'm tired of feeling afraid. I'm tired of feeling frustrated. I'm tired of feeling hopeless. I'm tired of feeling alone. I'm just tired.

/. Have we all been sleeping for the last twenty years that we have allowed our country to get into this shape?

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I write to my senators and representatives daily and get nothing back except excuses. My Democratic reps are either in bed with Obama or afraid of him. My Republican reps do nothing EXCEPT Mike Pence.

I live in Indiana. The next election (if we survive that long) THEY ARE ALL HISTORY!

I would be in Washington NOW protesting except I'm handicapped. Anyone interested in pushing me around Washington in a wheelchair?

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I worked as an RN several years ago in an ER. When a sick child came in to be treated that had Medicaid, the ER doctor made a whopping $7 to take care of that child. That's less than minimum wage. What doctor is going to want to work for those peanuts?Quality of care will decline rapidly.

Another example, my daughter lives in the UK. She was sick and went to the clinic for treatment. They didn't even have a doctor running the clinic. They had a doctor in training. That was it.

A co-worker also living in the UK had a child that fell and needed stitches. They waited 23 HOURS to get their child treated at the ER!


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garywh, I do the same thing. Every morning I sit down with my coffee and write emails. Frankly, I'm tired of it. Every day I wake up refreshed and happy. Then I turn on the news. I'm so tired of feeling angry and miserable. No one seems to be listening. Hasn't Obama done enough to be impeached already?

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I worked in an emergency room for 10 years and saw the abuse from those who had no healthcare. A government plan will fail, especially if it includes ILLEGAl ALIENS.

What do you think people are going to do if they are sick and can't get into see their doctor because it takes two weeks to get an appointment? THEY WILL GO TO THE ER!!

Single women with sick children go to the ER in the evening so they don't miss work the next day. Those people with toothaches won't go to free dental clinics, they'll go to the ER to get free pain shots and free pain pills. Those people we referred to as the "revolving door syndrome!

And then there are those who let anyone and everyone "borrow" their Medicaid card.

I could go on and on.

Whenever healthcare is free, it's going to be abused.

Obama's healthcare plan won't work.

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Problem is the Demcratic party may STAY in office. I read that with Acorn helping the census and Acorn enrolling voters, the next election will be cooked, just like in Iran.


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I don't think Obama "guessed wrong". We believe this plan has been cooking for awhile. I think Biden is just a "no brainer patsy" put into office; a man who wouldn't buck anything Obama does. Problem is Pelosi. I don't think Obama planned on all the friction caused by Pelosi.

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Great idea!! I am definitely mailing my copy of Monday. Thanks for the info!!!

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This has got to stop before we have NO country left. I believe he has done enough to be impeached. The problem is Congress has to do it. Another problem? Congress needs impeached, too.

Did anyone watch Mike Wallace yesterday? Austan Goolsby admits "things" are much worse than they expected.

If the Supreme court upholds the bankruptcy rule for Chrysler, A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO REMOVE THEIR INVESTMENTS BEFORE OBAMA SCREWS THEM OVER. Then will we have a "crash" to our financial system?

We definitely don't have alot of money, but if the Chrysler bankruptcy stands, we'll be taking all of our 401 K out before the government destroys it, too..