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I can't even ... I FLOVE miniatures! If it's tiny, I love it, especially miniature dollhouse food (issues I have them). My dream is a proposal dollhouse, f*ck a ring, a dollhouse allowance every anniversary and now I've found my honeymoon location. Every. Day. I must learn German and get a job there.


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I discovered OHN because of this video

[youtube eIri9YLHpOg youtube]

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Can I make a twerking video to Luke's Birthday song (ignoring the fact that I can't twerk)?

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When I get to hell I'm snitchin' on everyone of y'all for being so quiet. You're in trouble now.

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I used to watch my friend's cichlids like they were a soap opera. There's something about fish that just lets your imagination go free.

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That is some Level 20 believing. These bitches just got healed by the spirit of a J.C. Penney' s clearance rack suit and Old Spice.

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I am so done with everyone for this; the man, the cat, Slaus. Everybody go to the corner until you get some damn sense. and no paddling each other when you get to the corner.

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I'm so happy this parent isn't in denial.

I already wrote a Chernanigans about depression so I won't revisit the subject. But I will say that kids are dealing with mental illness and feelings that they can't deal with at younger and younger ages. I was hiding suicide notes on Babysitter's Club Stationary at 12, so don't assume they'll be happy go lucky kids until they're teens, especially if you have a family history of depression or manic depression.

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I just remember that first day of school feeling; The excitement, dread, exhaustion, hoping people thought your outfit was cute. Then realizing"aww crap, I'm back in school or 179 more days...when is Winter Break?". It was an emotional stew that I kind of miss as an adult. And now schools, at least here, ruin it with dumb 1/2 day first days and then a full day which totally wastes your outfit. One school out here did their 1st day (1/2 day) on a Friday. Genius!

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So they're also not allowed to wear cheap weaves? $300 is a fair bit, that chick was putting 4 bundles of Brazilian Body Wave, cut off a Chinese woman, in her head. But what about the women who wear cheap synthetic? Or the women who wear cheap half wigs?

If it's a lesson about money let it be about wasting money. A weave doesn't HAVE to cost $300 and other people shouldn't be punished because of one marble headed woman. But his concerns also weren't strictly financial, he has a personal opinion on the rationale behind WHY women wear them and he's conflating the 2 issues into one. Either preach about self esteem, preach about spending wisely, but don't single out an item.

I'm mostly pissed because I really don't like a gatdamn MAN telling women what the hell they can and cannot do with their own appearance. I wish a motherf*cker WOULD . . . I swear I would gather every old 1/2 wig, every track of bundled hair, every drawstring ponytail I ould find and wear em all like a Choir Robe.