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Its your choice Have your wife porno scanned or molested by some minimum wage freak. My choice is I will no longer fly. Shut down the airlines. We the people run this country not Obama or the TSA. shut them down!!!! Fire Obama and all his cronies Like Janet. I wonder how MR. Obama would like it if it was his daughters being felt up by this trash or sending his wife and daughters through the porno scanner then having it displayed for all to see.

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See I knew it was penis envy. Always is. You cannot achieve what others have and therefore want some of theirs. Try hard work instead of living off others.

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Oh the race card nice, Shows your true intellect. You want to blame Bush to? Why is it you guys can never have a conversation without resorting to name calling, blaming Bush or throwing out the race card. Did your mama not read to you when you were young? did your daddy molest you?

I would really like to know what makes you guys think that government was put there to replace your mommy and daddy?

It is a funny thing how your little minds work, you want to fund this so therefore you think everyone else should be forced to do the same.

You know when a conservative wants to fund something we right the check with no intention of forcing other to do the same.
You know when a conservative doesn't like guns we don't buy one we we don't try and force everyone else not to have one.

I just don't understand you and I want to know if your attitude is in response for making up for inadequacy in other departments or what.

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Tell the UN to go and tax Italy. What right does that corrupt organization have to Ask USA citizens for anything to further their agenda of hate against America. They should be thrown out of this country.

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She got Mcscrewed on her Mcnuggets, Then the Mccops took her to Mcjail. I can not see how anyone can eat that trash. Do your body a favor and don't eat that stuff. I mean you are what you eat ask Rosie" O'Donnell!

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Obama making America the joke of the world. This guy is so stupid he make George Bush Jr look like Albert Einstein and I am no fan of GW. Look at Canada, look at Great Britain both these systems are single payer system that let citizens die. Is this the hope and change you are seeking. This guy should immediately have to prove his eligibility and if it is found he is not eligible he should be imprisoned for life. This is what you get when you vote for a candidate based on skin color instead of achievements. It is time we the citizens promote change and get rid of both these lame parties.

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Obama is a worthless POS liar as are the rest of the Dems. Is this the change you all were voting for? saddling our grand children with all this debt some so some piece of shit in DC can sit in a nice office or to reward people committing voter fraud to the tune of 4.1 BILLION then I guess you voted for the right man. Pelosi needs to hop on her broom to Europe and stay the Fu_k there, I never seen a piece of shit that stupid make it to adult hood, thats what all these seat belt and helmet laws gets you.

Why is it the people of AZ are so fricking stupid to keep electing a piece of shit like Harry Reid. WTF. Are they putting crack in the water in AZ? Really what is your excuse? Is there no one else with three legs to vote for. I knew AZ has snakes but i didn't know you elected them to office.

You would think one look at Ca finances would be enough to get a clue that who you are sending to represent you are pieces of worthless trash yet you keep sending them. Only a total moron keeps doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. All you Dems keep blaming Bush and I know he was worthless as well but wholly shit Batman the dems have held control of the house and senate for the last two years and that is who hold the purse strings? Get a clue?

Right now the people running the show could not pound their pud if you loaned them two extra hands. Obama is Clueless, Pelosi shoved the stick in his ass and Harry is pulling the strings. Obama on stick!!