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Somehow... reading nightwear's post and your response reminded me of that paraylzing eye contact "creature"/centaur from your fanfic. I am now extra disturbed.

Thank you Kkat for the extra nightmares.

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"Hearts of Horses", pft*, those fillies better eat their little hearts out. This song is best of season 4.

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I don't come by much by todays episode was fantastic, not just because discord was here and John de Lancie sang a song befitting of his god of mischief character. Good morning (and good night) from 5: 39 am

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Here here! (God I miss reaction texts)

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Thus the night last forever until after a straight week... Celestia had to step in. Thus Luna got her wish granted and was flown to the moon! The 1000 years is just her coffee withdrawal.

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We stand on guard!

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We're not done yet and theres that twitter bit from Lauren, if thats not an intensive to wait-and-see then nothing is. If theres a way to avoid the C&D with the aid of Faust then I'd wait then making emotionally charged decisions. Patience can help us here but if all our efforts are in vain... thats the Mane6's decision.

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When in doubt, make it a love triangle, or if more just add a corner :)

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well I don't usually comment but the second one made me listen a second time and at the same time wince. Its a solid piece but because of the second 'groan' voice awkwardly used at 2:28 and 6:06, they can definitely be worked and make it a better piece, but I don't think they should be axed, just re-mended if the artist wants to give it a second look for later productions.