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If trumpets followed every time I said "Highschool princess" I'd probably say it more. Actually come to think of it I've never said those words together so for all I know that is exactly what will happen.

But even saying it to an empty room feels silly so I guess I'll never know.

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Looks like she's trying to cover a bald spot.

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Interesting how they have that goat cyclops in there. He did appear, but he was just a corpse at the time. ...Feels weird to use the word "corpse" in relation to MLP. This show's getting hardcore.

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I used to follow all of them, but Years ago I decided the music didn't really suit my tastes so I stopped with those. Videos were a mixed bag of quality so I only click on the ones from a series I already have been watching. All the art is beautiful but eventually I decided I didn't want to spend so much of my time looking at every single image in every single drawfriend. I still read the fanfic posts but I don't need to know if a story I've been following updated because FIMFic's notification systems let me know far sooner. As for comics, I look forward to every post featuring them!

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Congrats, ya unholy being you.

Edit: That music actually sounds more relaxing than scary. I can nap to this.

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Is it wrong that I like this ending more?

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I am doing my civic duty!

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I'll wait for a 720 youtube. 1080 Dailymotion has such a horrible framerate for me.

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Yeah, there are SO MANY games I stopped playing because of their fandoms. There are only two fandoms I've ever been a part of that haven't done anything to drive me away, and they're Nintendo fans and Bronies.

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I got my current desktop wallpaper from that shot at the end of the Equestrian Wasteland. It's a beautiful scene.

I'm severely craving to jump back in to play more Fallout 4, but I should PROBABLY go to work instead and play in the afternoon.