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...But his pants aren't square! How do you have a Spongebob SQUAREpants figure without square pants? Mind = blown.

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Aw man, this is too hilarious to pass up.

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This Pokemon trailer is special -- never before has a video made me recoil in horror and laugh my ass off at the same time.

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Pretty nifty for a magazine throw-in... now if only I had the know-how to make a complete diorama of White Base's interior...

Friendly heads-up: you're misspelling "hangar".

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Wow, that is fantastic. The time, dedication and love that went into the making of this doll makes it greater than even the most extravagant Miku figures/dolls out there. Bravo!

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I love the God of War series with a passion. The combat may be too simple for some tastes, but between the simple yet engaging story, the grand set pieces and boss creatures of myth, the game is very enjoyable to me. I've still yet to play GoW 3, though -- I'll probably wait for the greatest hits version (or pirate it, if it's proven to be safe).

Needless to say, I'm eagerly anticipating this game as well, though I am a little concerned about the creative material remaining in the franchise. The Gods have all been accounted for, and there has been a lot of zombie/minotaur/siren/medusa bashing in the past games. I really hope they'll introduce a new set of enemy types in this game.

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Just goes to show you how one should never say "at least it can't get any worse than this", because there always things that are bad enough to undercut the lowest of expectations. ^^;

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Whoa, NICE! Now all we need is a 1/1 Zaku to go with it. 404 error when I click the image, btw.

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When it comes to fighting games, it's pretty much impossible to stay faithful to the source material since a) the story of fighting games always tends to be skimpy and b) the moves are often either impossible or silly in real life. So in the end, all you can hope for is a movie that draws a good balance between its inspiration and the integrity of good storytelling/action. Sadly, the KOF movie doesn't look like it achieved that balance...

Have you seen this Mortal Kombat trailer, though? I'm actually really interested in this, despite not being a MK fan.

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Love the enhanced mechanical details so very much, but I REALLY want to see a frontal view of the new Drossel. Looks like she's got some serious thighs this time around, haha.