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I hope they arrest all the others in the car with the murderer for aiding and abetting.

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Your welcome to off yourself if you are worried about overpopulation.

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Time to make my move on Katie........

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Why are they calling it abuse in the headlines and not rape.

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So pathetic.

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Their is no sadness for those who are called home by the Lord, only for those removed from their presence of their loved ones who are left behind. May God bless their family and watch over the two little girls and see they are found a loving home.

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As an Marine vet myself I support 100% full coverage for those hurt in battle or training, but I was sickened the other day listening to some other vets braggingat work about how they were getting disability benefits for anything they could think of to milk the government for more money. These were not young men either, but guys who had served decades before trying to get money for non service related incidents, car crashes, knee sprains from playing sports, hereditary diseases and the like.
This article did not surprise me, it must be becoming very pervasive and saddens me that our great country is going to be eviscerated from within by the entitlement mindset. Everyone wants their government check.

Still I must say these pictures are heart wrenching, and I hope our govenrment always has enough resources to take care of these service members that have truly suffered.

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That it is was so sunny may have contributed to his survival, especially if he was near to Jetty Island where the water depth is rather shallow out to nearly a half mile. A few degrees difference can make a big difference.

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I see people taking small little boats like that out into the Sound all the time, it is not a lake out there, 4 foot waves or bigger can happen before you know it. It amazes me the boats I see heading out with minimal freeboard or in horrible condition, you hear the distress calls every weekend on the emergency channel. It's too bad people don't have more respect for how unforgiving the ocean can be.

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Bring on the coal!