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I love ALL these trends! Though I have a soft spot for chambray shirts.

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I changed my tune after child #4. It's way too expensive and dangerous for an elective surgery at this point in my life, but I won't say never anymore.

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I honestly just cut back in the summertime. In the end it makes our money goals slower, but it also keeps our tax bill down, so there's that.

I think I am the same way, I'm the one with the anxiety.

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As someone living in the Philly suburbs this story has not been off my radar like it has for the nation. I think the reason it wasn't covered more nationally is not simply because while Gosnell's behavior and practice was beyond horrifying. The reasons that his 'clinic' was open so long, that he even had the opportunity to set up this kind of horror clinic, and that women went to him in the first place are not easy to explain.

I appreciate your common sense views on abortion. As someone who is pro-choice I find it hard to justify either end of the extreme. In the end I think people on both 'sides' of the debate can come together over the need for proper care for women's health whether they are pregnant or not.

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We will. Our older kids (15 and 10) will absolutely hear about it from friends at school or activities they attend so we plan to talk to them in some detail and let them ask questions as they need to. My younger two (8 and 6) we decided we will tell too, but we will keep it much simpler.

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Bwa ha ha! I love this. Also sad I didn't see you. Oh wait, maybe I did but I was too busy dodging tackles.

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Oh wow. You had an inkling this might happen, and I suppose in the long run it's a very valuable lesson learned (not just for you, but for everyone reading this), but it's not at all pleasant to see things construed that way for the sake of a news story.

We used a leash for a brief time when my 4th child was a toddler. He was (and is) a wanderer, and would literally run away laughing without a care where I was. If we went to the mall for instance he might run into a store and go hide all the way in the back. Wrangling 3 other kids while this went on was a nightmare, so I started avoiding public places on my own. Eventually we bought one of those bear backpacks which he LOVED, and we used on outings to public places where he might run off. It was a tool, plain and simple. There are so many tools parents use to help their children, and spending time demonizing or judging someone else's choices is such an incredibly stupid waste of time. Like you said, we should be thinking about larger issues like childhood hunger.

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Not long at all! Just swing by, check it out and take a photo with myself and Devon. Though your kids may love the climbing wall.

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Crys, if you read Sam\'s original post she was working from home at a job she had prior to moving to a new area.

There are work at home jobs, but you may have to do a bit of digging first or as in Sam\'s case work at a job and then ask to telecommute.