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Circumcision was practised by sections/nations/tribes of humanity since they came down from the trees long before Judaism or Islam invented.
I draw your attention to the fact that Muslims also circumcise boys at early ages.
Religious traditions forms with reason.
Could it perhaps be in old times running water wasnt available. Maybe by taking foreskin off there will be less place with moisture that can bred bacteria and disease.

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Buzzlol is right. GAve him thumbs down by mistake.
Would the world be a better place controlled by Cath Germn Hitlerites and Shinto Japanese.or other way around.?

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When I was student we used bus our supported to protect prominent leaders from this kind of abuse.
They set a trap to lynch Galloway.
It was perfect climate to bring the battle to these sOB s draped in Israeli flag outside the BBC offices.
They want news they will get news.
Mobilize your militants arm them with stones sticks batons and attack the fascists.
This would teach zionist crowd a lesson and leaving only their hardcore leaders exposed, .. to be targeted and smashed one by one later.
Left cadres can always be available in short notice organized in university campuses.
These Zionists brought their crowd from Synagogues.
in 10 yrs time British streets will be battle ground between these groups.
They are too few we are too many our cause is just. They will disappear quickly. The next wave will target Synagogues. They will all be shuttered up. One must check trends in their constituency.
That is my prediction

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You have too many questions.
I will try to answer all of them as opportunity arises.
1) No one including Chenney can manage to destroy an evidence as large as debris of twin towers. Bcs after the event thousands of civilians were sill walking among the debris. The debris stayed there for days with thousands of officials and civilians walking over it. Trucks loaded and dumped it to some sea shore. In that period there were plenty opportunity for many people to pocket a few concrete pieces as samples.
2)Muslims do not have a habit of thinking collectively. So some Muslims will have no idea what the other Muslims thinking or about to do. Attackers just like many other groups who is comprised of millions of souls.
If u are referring to 19 Al Qaida attackers. Well that is what they planned and executed.
3) Systems. including US defense system, no matter how sophisticated/expensive may fail in their mission.
4) States can use every opportunity, trick. lie to drag the public into their dirty wars. Iraq Afganistan were already in their cross hair. They just used 0/11 to garner public support.

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Islam acknowledges that Christianity is continuation of Judaism and Islam in return continuation of both

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We dont if they bribe God and skip being burned in hell. Money talks.
Instead lets make sure we burn them in this world.

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Indeed US 'Most Powerful Proponent of Human Rights'?.
As Madame Loparto owner of city whorehouse is defender of women chastity, as Catholic Priests protector of children from sexual abuse, and local abattoir housing the headquarters of National Vegetarians Association.

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Human history is the history of wars.
1000 years ago population were very little to fight over land or resources.
What history doesnt tell though; The one important element in wars were women.
Once the war is won hordes of men filling the ranks of army had the privilege of raping the women whose men were killed.
Many of these women were also taken away as prize.
Ottoman armies gave only 3 days to the soldiers to rob, rape and loot.
Thereafter law and order were imposed on the conquered land.

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Empire can no longer go it alone kolonizing as it wishes.
Kolonization is becoming more difficult, costly and lengthy.
Therefore Empire needs the collaboration of "local negroes".

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Every criminal would want to justify his crime.
But we must call crime for what it is. Crime.
Whites have been robbing blacks systematically methodically with an established system which has laws rules courts, justice police system etc.
You cannot go and rob a hite man claiming you taking back what they took from you !
By the same token how about raping white women after all her ancestors raped black women during slavery !
Some blacks in US courts mis-guided by sleek Jewish N.York lawyers with no win no pay claim compensation from companies in South Africa bcs they supported apartheid.
As if a few shekel won in a courtroom case will compensate crimes of slavery