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Off topic, but I see there is a 'Say No To The BNP in Stroud' meeting organised by the Stroud branch of the Socialist Party on Wed sept 29. 'All are welcome'. There was lots of anger at the recent attacking of the BNP stall in Glasgow. Would it be an idea for Nationalists to show their displeasure at the spread of Communism into these parts? To show the locals why the SWP are not welcome in Stroud? I don't think they should get away with speading their lies and poison in this town.

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This behaviour does demonstrate that they have no case. They know full well that they cannot oppose us politically, as their Marxist ideologies would soon be laughed out of existence by 99% of the public. So they can only resort to violence, intimidation and lies.

Their favourite lie is that the BNP is some miniscule fringe party that threatens no-one. However, realising that our policies, if known widely, would be accepted by the vast majority of the public, they do indeed see us as very much a threat. Which is why the traitors of the ConDem alliance voice their silent approval.

We need to fight back. They advertise their meetings widely and openly enough. Isn’t it time we put pressure on the owners of their meeting places to try to get them cancelled? To deliver leaflets to their neighbours, and those that do business with them, exposing them for the Communist, anti-British thugs and cowards that they are?

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Off topic, but a little amusing for those who haven't seen this, from Indymedia:

'Today a group of 40 EDL members physically assaulted members of the SWP in Leeds. The rumour then spread that the EDL were on-route to Bradford for a flash demo. The local Asian community turned out to moblise against the EDL but sadly, a group of Anti-Fascists who headed into Bradford to join them in opposing the racist, Nazi, Islamophobic EDL were attacked by the group. Three Anti-Fascists recieved minor injuries but are all okay.

This just goes to show how dangerous the EDL can be where their hatred whips up local populations into a frenzy with their fear-mongering and racism. We need to reach out to the Asian communities who are under attack by the EDL and make them realise that we are not the enemy, the EDL are.'

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'Magistrates found Martin guilty, fined him £450 and gave him a 12 month community order with 80 hours work. Martin maintains his innocence.' - from the UAF site.

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I will be there for the 7th. Let's hope for a great turnout to protest against the thought police of the EHRC.


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I read a comment on the telegraph site saying that one did not have to have a TV licence providing it is not connected to an ariel, cable or satellite. Is this correct? Is there anywhere this can be verified? I always thought you had to have a licence if you owned equipment capable of receiving a signal, even a video recorder (In the days your video would actually receive a signal, that is!)

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£30 donated last night as a result of a small bonus at work this week. Still, I think we need to encourage people on the facebook site to donate more. There are now 43,000 members of it, most of whom I presume actually support the BNP. If they could all be persuaded to donate just £10.....

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I'm very pleased that this is all, hopefully, behind us. There were moments when reading certain blogs that I almost felt ashamed to be calling myself a nationalist, and it has saddened me that blogs I have followed for some time have been run by petty, egotisically minded people. God only knows that new-comers to our cause have made of all this, and just how many have been put off. So, no more mention of these matters. Let the envious losers out there huff and puff their way into oblivion; just don't fuel their agenda by continuing to feed their egos by way of debating/arguing with them. There is much to do; not least of all helping to bring about the superb plans Nick has put forward for the future of the party. First and foremost let's dig deep to help get things back on track.

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Well, you certainly have some 'issues' don't you? I am neither defending nor criticising the 'gay pride' march in question; merely pointing out the inevitable 'conflict of interests' that some will no doubt be facing with the growing realisation by gays that some of the Muslims they so often vigorously defend would joyfully behead them given the opportunity.

Incidentally, whilst homosexuality isn't the 'lifestyle choice' of myself, and nor you presumably, I cannot help thinking that your blatant hatred for these people, like the open racist rantings one comes across occasionally by nationalists, only provides the opposition with further ammunition, and helps create the stereotypical image so necessary to the thugs of the UAF and their ilk to do what they do, whilst providing the justification by the likes of Peter Tatchell to start attacking the party leader.

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Completely off-topic (GA, would it be a good idea for an area to be set up whereby people could post comments or links to interesting and Nationalist-relevant articles that may not be related to any article on the GA site at that particular moment?) I came across this today: Check the comments at the end of the article; itseems like at least some people are waking up to the reality of things. Shame the twat Tatchell isn't one of them. http://nottingham.indymedia.org.uk/articles/240