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#30 is gorgeous; if I was more of a Pinkie/ Pinkamena fan, I would totally be all over that.

Edit - I finally caved; I have too many awesome wallpapers unused, so I broke my tradition of a static background and added several wallpapers on a shuffle timer. =p

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She's wondering what apples have to do with the game...or contemplating taking a bite out of the cover, that's a strong possibility too.

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Wow, this is really, really good. Better than some big name power bands even. >_>

Kudos guys.

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What are you doing posting on EqD when "A Delicate Balance" isn't finished yet?! =p

Kidding aside, I can live with the designs if they are an occasional transformation or something along the lines of a second Crystal Empire (i.e whoever resides in the kingdom becomes "ranibowfied").

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I agree with you on the reviewing of episodes, but I can see the merit in reading/watching a review on a particular videogame. All you have to do is avoid "professional" journalists for a definitive opinion and make your decision based on the discussions and rants of those who review games purely out of love for the medium. Videogames are incredibly pricey at $60, so I can see why some might be hesitant to take a financial hit and wait for a few fans to review a game before they buy it for themselves.

But yeah, reviewing episodes is a bit different. The whole point of reviewing a television show is to discuss the events and spoilers of the episodes which, if you haven't already seen it yourself, takes quite a bit of fun out of the experience when you actually sit down to watch it yourself. Not to mention that many reviewers tend to nitpick teeny, tiny details which often leave me with a more sour opinion of an episode than I had going in, so that is why I personally tend to avoid them.

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Despite Rarity's painful attempt at a country twang, this was my favorite episode of the season - no grand adventure, no over-the-top theatrics, just a simple slice of life moment between two of my favorite ponies. ^_^

Oh, and if someone could make this gif transparent, I would simply die -

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I thought today's episode was fantastic! And speaking of today's episode, does anyone have a link to the face AJ made towards the end of her fashion "showoff"? I love how the animators keep inserting all these unusual expressions into the episodes. =p

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Yes please! I'll admit that Applebloom was my least favorite CMC (not in a bad way, she was just overshadowed a bit by her quirkier friends) but as the episodes flew by she managed to wriggle her way to top crusader. =p

Speaking of Crusaders, anyone else feel like the writers have abandoned them? And while we are at it, Spike? It seems like only the mane 6 are getting love, and everyone else, despite being acknowledged, are only an afterthought. =/

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Applejack REALLY likes whatever she is looking at. >_>