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Consider that 50% never graduate High School and 50% of those that do are functionally illeterate after the government spent between 25 and 50 thousand to "educate" them why spend another 100 K to produce unemployable graduates?

Simple, to keep the liberal "professors" in and on the gravy train for life while they brainwash every student.

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Can anyone help? When I try to submit a comment the thing tells me it it to long, but I see many longer comments.
What's the secret

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Today the Senator votes for the donors interest even if it is contrary to the interest of the State of Utah. Get it. The State soverignty was subverted long ago. The Constitution by the way, says clearly that the States can ammend the Constitution by the vote of a 2/3 rds majority. It also says that the ONLY thing in the Constitution that can not be changed is the manner and place where Senators are elected. Thats right, the one specific thing that the Constitution forbids ever changing has been change

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The Congress was intended to represent the people and the Senate to represent the States. Now they are both the same and the States have no representation.

For an idea of what this means think about a texas oil company or a New York Pharma Company donating money to the election fund of a Utah Senator. If the State of Utah did not want the Texas oil company to get free money from the taxpayers of Utah to drill holes in Texas or the Pharma Company getting a law that would forbid the People of Utah or the State itself from purchasing the same drugs from Canada at a large discount they would instruct their Senator to vote against these interests. Failing to vote the States interest they could and would recall the Senator

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I Listened to your show yesterday about the State of Wyoming passing a law to try to re-establish States rights as to regulating guns. It's funny that the State Legislators seem to be in the dark about how the federal system abrogated the states powers long ago. How they did it was simple, thay conned the states into allowing the US Constitution to be changed as to the election of the US Senate. Many studies have proved this majority was never attained but the Constitution was Ammended any way.

The founders intended that the Senators from each State be elected by the State Legislators NOT the PEOPLE. This provided the States with the power to recall Senators that did not vote for laws that were in the interest of the individual States.