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Supposedly an old way to kill tapeworms was to eat chewing tobacco, not sure if it worked or not. Most people can't keep from barfing after swallowing a chaw...I barf without even swallowing it.

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The $47.50 Pfleuger reel in 1960 converted to 2010 dollars: $345.71. Most expensive Pfleuger reel i can find at bass pro shops: $199.99. Wonder if it's just as good or cheaper. Anyone know? Better? Inquiring minds and all.

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Apparently some clumps of needles are still in orbit, most of them have burned up.

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In related news, these guys use similar bottle blanks to package yeast for homebrewing:

They use the greenish plastic ones.

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Is that one dude blowing the TIE fighter pilots a kiss?

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We worry about Iranian F14's, but with the Russians in the picture, what about this?

[youtube 4yySrcLlSmc youtube]

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Would be nice if one of those guys in the vid shot this thing over a chronograph, would be curious how fast it gets a .46 caliber lead ball. The wiki article claims .45 ACP velocities which would be in the 900-1100 fps range depending on bullet weight. Would definitely get somebody's attention if that's the case.

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Yep my bad forgot about hoover, who was an actual mining engineer. Turns out Carter was an engineer only according to his 1976 campaign staff, he resigned his commision in the middle of nuke school to go mind the farm after his father died, reportedly.