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I was going to ignore your previous and needlessly bitchy, (if misfired and therefore, ineffective) comment to me upthread, but this crosses a line. You have absolutely no leg to stand on to comment on Harry's personal life, nor do you know of what you speak. You have talked endlessly about your dental work on here, and have admitted to flying to Los Angeles for it. That is very relevant in a discussion about privilege and access to healthcare. Commenting on Harry's most personal relationships to land a cheap shot is not. It is immaterial to the discussion at hand and something that I would have thought was beneath you. Shame on you, seriously.

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...You are lumping Bernie Bros in with rapists and pedophiles? And you want to punish them? Embig, seriously, what?

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Yep! And let's also not forget that we've moved so radically away from a mechanical skills economy that many people who in previous eras could find good work with growth potential in a trade industry no longer can. Our economy has become increasingly stratified and the one factor that can push someone from one side to the other is very often an education. It's the cost of entry. I just do not understand how in this year, at this time, anyone could argue against universal education because you are effectively saying, "it's okay for some people to have all the options and the rest to have almost none."

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I think separating these issues--the factors that lead to poverty and an aggressive anti-crime policy--is, in many ways, the ultimate exhibition of privilege. It is easy to care less about access to comprehensive, affordable healthcare when you sit comfortably within a system that cares for the privileged few at the expense of the many. It's easy to care less about universal healthcare when you can afford to see a doctor when you're ill without fear that a diagnosis of a serious malady will ruin you and your family financially and cause reverberations that last beyond the duration of your life. It's easy to care less about healthcare when you have the economic flexibility to afford cosmetic procedures and choose a plan that allows you to pick your own practitioners.

It's also easy to care less about access to universal college education when you have the choice (and not the illusion of choice) to attend a university--or not!--with the security of knowing that either way, you'll be fine and the impact on your economic mobility will be minimal.

We live in a first world country where, in 2019, families that have been here for generations are still seeing "firsts" in the form of a relative being the first person in their family to graduate college. This is at a period in time when a college degree is, frankly, the bare minimum requirement for even getting in the door to many industries/businesses. And there are massive, MASSIVE racial and geographical implications here too. Just think about that for a second. That's unconscionable to me.

Crime rates and economic advancement don't exist in vacuums; they feed into one another. And I just do not understand how a thinking, empathetic person could ever say that they care about crime rates without, you know, caring about the people whose very circumstances are incubator for those crimes.*

*And for clarity's sake, I am not saying that only poor people commit crimes or that rich and privileged people do not, but I am saying that crime is a leading corollary of poverty and disenfranchisement.

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It's almost like lack economic advancement vis a vis a cycle of poverty compounded by lack of access to educational opportunities and healthcare are related to crime and incarceration rates.

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Ha. I knew the vast majority of people would be repulsed/negative about it, but I like big families. (Must be the Irish heritage!) They both seem super happy, and hell, they can afford it, so why not?

I just marvel at how amazing her body looks after so many pregnancies. I'll take a bottle of her genes, please!

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Man oh man, baby #5 for Alec and Hilaria Baldwin!

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/Ugh, my poor Knicks...

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Hey hey!