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Every year (usually Autumn) there are rumors of a major war breaking out with Iran. This year it does seem that those rumors could be true. Greenwald's latest article, "Middle East Propaganda 101", talks about the NY Times recent article on how the US is expanding "ties" with 6 nations (one of which is Kuwait) and how they have completely encircled Iran....Yet, the U.S. is calling Iran Belligerent.

The minute that mouth piece in the White House said they were withdrawing out of Iraq by the end of the year, is the minute you should know that something big is up. The U.S. government NEVER does anything good. there is always motive. They destroyed Iraq and now they are doing a good job of destroying Libya. The "Arab Spring" was a joke on the M.E. people, but at least it does look like the Egyptians figured it out.

I think they really are planning a hit on Iran this time. This will only bring tragedy to the Iranian people, as well as the world. It will be a tragedy for the American people as well, because they will find out the hard way what these demonic people who run the country are all about.

What is amazing is that many "leaders", past and present, are openly calling for aggression and actually saying "we need to go kill them"...That was from some idiot ex-general in some hearing on Capital hill.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair is in Khazahstan. I have it from sources that have been there that the U.S. military personnel are knowingly paying for sex with young women (probably young men too) that are "all part of a sex slave industry". They are also doing this in Iraq.

I don't think this world can withstand much more evil, it is eating humanity up. We teach little children to keep their hands off other kids and other people's things, yet here we have the majority of humanity's adults constantly violating other humans.

I cannot imagine walking up to another human being and violating their body, or killing them, or taking their property; yet this is what many of these people are doing. They are lower than animals.

I've had this huge expansion in awareness lately, and it just blows me away to watch all this going on. It's like watching life, every hour and minute, through a magnifying glass.

We saw Hillary Clinton about to explode from the unadulterated power that was pulsating through her hideous body from being the one that ordered the bullet in Qaddafi's head. Right on prime time TV.
This total insanity went straight over most people's heads. Most people didn't see what I saw in that video. I just thank God every day that I'm not blind to what is going on, no matter how bad it is. Because I think most people are blind to it, because they want to be.

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Not surprising, the NPR was just reporting how the Egyptian people have now figured it out that there is no change at all since getting Mubarak out. Same stuff going on, people still being beaten and tortured by those who are now in power.

I don't think Philip Giraldi is being up front. I think this has been more orchestrated than we know. Giraldi is CIA. How can you believe him? He puts out a touching article about his concerns about the Patriot Act to get us on his side then drops this garbage that the US and Israel did not know any of it was going to happen. I don't believe him. CIA has done experiments on Americans.

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within 5 years people will be starving in the US. People that were once humongous 300 pounders will be starving, although they will have mounds of sagging skin hanging from their once plump bodies.

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All said and done, Obama will most likely get another 4 years in office. He lies with a straight face. At least with George Bush you got what you expected. Obama stands up in his address to the Union and tells Americans he will never support the permanent tax cuts to the rich....he said this right after he had signed legislation to extend the tax cuts to the rich. That is just one small example. Now, he was up talking about Libya and how we will be taking a "supportive" roll, while behind the scenes he is arming the rebels to kill Libyan people.

He never mentions the Mediterranean Union which the immoral Sarkozy and his demonic wife are organizing (with Sarkozy at the head of course).

Nor does he mention the satanic BP that killed the gulf and their benefits from this latest Massacre.

While Japan is shaking and baking, Obama is still supporting more nuclear plants.

My prediction is that Obama will be the last president of the USA. His opponents will be the hard ultra right wing christian fundies. That will stir up his "base'", which includes the folks over at The Nation, Huffington, Juan Cole, Common Dreams, etc etc. The Jews will not have it when they see right wing fundies trying to take over. Obama will get back in. Sarah Palin can lick the Wailing Wall all she wants, but she will never be president (although you never know after all that has transpired these last 10 years...I guess anything is possible).

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It's too late!! Nobody can stop the momentum rolling towards authoritarianism. Even CIA guys like phil can't stop it. The anti-war movement is dead. Most Americans, Europeans, and UKers don't care. They all want a NWO with a Global Dictatorship running things. That is what ALL of this has been about all along.

People are being paid by the Jewish lobbies and other special interests to distract people. No body can fight this stuff. It's too big. The West is doomed....All of it. Another couple of Earth shakes and nuclear blow outs and its done. Even the rothschild's wont' be able to bail it out.

Good riddance!! I look forward to a new era....if I live that long.

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First step the U.S. needs to take would be to get the stench of Israel off its back. The main designers of the Iraq and Afghan wars were neo-cons, who ALL had ties to Israel, whether they were Jew or Christian.

Second, would be to break the European ties with the big "houses" there. Regain our sovereignty by taking out the Federal Reserve and completely withdrawing from World Bank/IMF etc. In other words, to completely give up these ideas of a one world Dictatorship that is transnational in scope.

Third, state banks and national bank, like North Dakota has done, and which about 10 other states have up-coming legislation for. Put all the money to new technologies that are human and planet friendly.

The real people who are dictating do so behind the curtains. People like Obama are there for PR purposes, although he and his ilk will be the first to lose their heads in any uprising.

You can scream anti-semitism all you want. But MOST all israelis as well as Jews in U.S. and Europe are not Semitic. They have no ties to ancient Israelites (who are long gone and blended into the world).

Zionism is completely anti-Jew. And the most bold and intelligent Jews speak out against zionism. They know it hurts them as well as everyone else.

Some of these sites are very questionable. They are as hell bent on keeping the distractions away from the core problems.

The popular agenda is becoming a smear campaign against the average person, who has little if any power to do anything....Just like those people in Egypt, etc (who imo have been played by western powers...). Keep all the people totally distracted or confused....AND it looks like many of the anti war sites are actually being controlled by the CIA, Mossad, and British MI5-6. With that in mind, is it any wonder that the world is heading for disaster?

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The blame for the crisis? Lots of that to go around, but the core root of blame falls completely with the international banking cartel. Mother Jones came out in 2009 with a good break down of the "bailout":

But the majority of American people did not take out these sordid mortgage loans. And many of those that did were speculators. If this had somehow happened without all the shananigans the banks were pulling behind the scenes, as in derivatives/swaps which some estimates are as high as 100 trillion, we could have waded through the damage and recovered.

It was not the small banks, community banks, credit unions that were in trouble (although they are now).

So Americans should all rent? That is where we are heading. It's called a Modern day feudal system. Only the wealthy will have the keys to ownership of land and property. The Banks did this with high interest rates. In the "old" days it did not take 30 or 40 years to buy your house.

All of what is happening has been designed to destroy any independence on part of middle east nations that happen to NOT want to be part of the usury system. And also to take out the American workers, and drive them down to standards of living in par with the chinese sweat shops.

No talk goes on about raising the standards of living for the 3rd world nations. Its all about imitating them.

Nothing will change, because there are too many "minions" that support the system....Those minions make up the layers just beneath the wealthy owners of America and the rest of the Western world.

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A very nice PR piece. Notice the part that says US invested more to Ireland than those other 4 nations of BZ, CH, RU, IN combined?

15% infant formula. Yes, I have noticed that Irish are a bit obsessed with formula and breast milk. I had the pleasure of conversation with an Irishman for a few months. He was convinced that all the Irish mother's were contaminating the child formula with alcohol and thereby causing alcoholism in Ireland....done purposely, of course, because "all women are basically evil and not quite human".

Whew, anyways, this nice neat and tidy film may be true but according to some of the interviews of regular Irish people, there are no jobs, many are beginning to talk of immigrating, and the U.S. is their destination.

So, lets get the Boston Harbor prepared for the Irish and give them a warm welcome.

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After 9 years of hell, overseas and domestically, Noam Chomsky is just now speaking about how there was NO EVIDENCE that "Al Queda" pulled off 9/11?

Maybe the sweeping ultra right wing fascist election win has turned on a red light in his head. You can hash over the political and historical facts all you want. But the last 9 years was ONLY made possible by that single day in the late summer of '01.

Those with an audience, such as Chomsky, may have finally realized the consequences of ignoring the major fact of 9/11....That there has NEVER been any evidence that 9/11 was pulled off the way the Government said it was (and he is just now acknowledging this).

I have been asking people when they laugh at me about 9/11 to give me the irrefutable evidence of the official story on 9/11. Nobody can ever do that.

If these people had been serious about exposing the real criminals they didn't even have to mention (if it bothers them so much) that Al Queda did not do it. All they had to do was bring legal charges against the administration due to NO EVIDENCE.

Meanwhile, we are at the threshold of getting the religious extremist right as the supreme governing body is this country.

We don't have time for sitting around hashing over politics, history, war history. I guess some of these liberals with an audience are finally realizing that you can't choose and pick which facts are worthy of mention and which are not to be even whispered. If they want to get serious, they have to put their reputations on the line.

It's like, when Chomsky speaks then the rest of the liberal classes listen. This man has the audience, but he needs to start laying it on the line. Others in his shoes need to do the same.

It is just pure b.s. that he doesn't know 9/11 was an inside job.

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"no one believes anything coming out of the mouths of US officials, including the officials themselves."

EXCEPT when it comes to 9/11!! Then most the US population backs the officials scenario, in which the entire explanation was posted on the media by noon that day....NEVER to have changed or expanded upon since.

The "intelligence" services, military and "officials" of the government just screwed up that day....Even though they had contracted a group called Able Danger to watch some of the suspects an entire year before the event.