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I'm pretty sure my cats do that already, I just have the misfortune of not understanding them.
Which makes me wonder if Daine can hear all animal chatter all the time, and just tunes it out the way we do for human chatter, or if it's only when she focuses on the animal? Brokefang overhears two bats talk conveniently about Daine, so it would make sense Daine always hears a low level animal noise level.

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I thought War of the Roses wasn't right, but I could not for love or money remember what actually happened in the War of the Roses so I thought I'd hedge my bets.
And now I'm glad i mentioned it because holy crap that's a great damn story! Amazing how hardcore roses can be, if you add some violence to them. :D I might read more about it now, because it does sound very dramatic and fun.

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Why thank you. :D
I love the stories, all of them. I don't see the point in getting all Doctrinal about myths and legends, but I also hate when people brush them off. If we've learned nothing from Mark Watches it's that the stories we tell matter!

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My friend, you have no idea. Try being non-Christian in Seminary. Even a liberal one like mine, you gotta be careful what you say but at the same time I firmly believe that people who are WRONG should be told so.
The Translation stuff gets my head hurting so badly, and yet I love it so much. it was the 500th anniversary to the King James Bible's publication and while yes, it's a lovely poetic book, it is so frakked up translation wise that I can't even use it for anything beyond a door stop (true story). I'm taking Hebrew this summer and I cannot wait to get all pedantic and crazy about shit!
Oh language elitism, how you manage to establish and perpetuate discrimination with simple things like pronunciation and syntax! You have no idea how happy that story being true has made me, though. Poor Winny.

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Technically yes. BUT! (And you'll have to excuse my sudden Bible Geek out. I'm not Christian or Jewish but I fucking love this story like burning!) Dude got eatten b/c he refused to go to Nineveh, the capital of Assyria and a heathen nation to boot, and warn them that if they don't ship up and do right YHWH'll destroy them. After the whale vomits him out near the City, he does this shit ass job, but the people are moved and repent (including putting animals in sackclothe which is precious to me) and YHWH's all "Aw, nevermind." Jonah get's all cheesed off that God doesn't nuke a city with 120,000 people in it, and YHWH has this great line about how S/He loves the entire world, not just the Jews.
Here's the link to my twitpic; The images suck b/c I had to use my computer camera, but I'll eventually have pretty scanned copies online.

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Dude, never apologize for using your intelligence to show up some dork who's wrong on the internet. I'm getting my masters in Theology and Religion and I regularly have to school people on stuff, and you have not seen Nitpick until you've seen some Older Testament scholar getting all Hebrew dweeb all over the Psalms. It's terrifying and awesome.
I'm glad you brought that up. I should have been more up front about the iffy history; I just love that story so damned much. I can't even remember where I heard it, although I think it was my sister, who's getting her Masters in something history related.
I salute you for kicking my ass about that.
.... Is the Winston Churchhill story true? Do I get that?

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OH yeah. somehow I'd completely forgotten that unpleasant gesture. I think that's a win for my selective memory right there.
Arnie's "Fuck You" veto? Did I selective forget that too? These last couple of years I've gone through phases where I can't keep track of Politics else I hurt someone. A lot.

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I know! I freaking love that story. I have no idea how the American version got started, but I seriously doubt that it's as fabulously grizzly yet awesome as the UK's. I haven't heard the the Female anatomy analogy, although I can sort of kind of see it if I squint. Bit of a stretch, though.
The version I've heard is that he didn't know about the implication until an aid told him why the Plebes were giggling like mad at him, but I could very easily see old Winny just being rogue and fucking with people.

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I can understand that, since I cannot watch "Never Been Kissed" again because of all the massive second hand embarrassment I suffer from just thinking about it, but I think that's what makes it so sweet. The awkwardness saves it from being too skeevy, because that's how many of us reacted to romantic feeling at that age. And then we've got Sokka who is so damned smooth and self confident in a teenage boy manic way that is also spot on age wise. I know I was very similar to Sokka in the romance department, getting dates because I was so awesomely unaware of how non-awesome I was.

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I think Lady Stark has become the living embodiment of Mother's Day. From now on it's a real holiday, in celebration of all Badass Moms, especially Lady Stark. And the traditional gift will be a smartass Chaotic Neutral Dwarf.
I'd name my Direwolf Princess Jael Fluffykins if it's a girl (Jael was the badass woman who drove a spike through a guy's head in the Older Testament), or Helo if it's a boy.