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You do have a point here; and maybe you are splitting hairs as the argument goes. Senator Ron Paul most probably referred to Western Europeans when he wrote Europeans. Senator Paul is quite informed, and probably knows his atlas, as well, if not better than most Senators.

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Those whose aim is to destroy Russia, again.
Solzhenitsyn wrote that the Russian Revolution of 1917 was chiefly the work of non-Russians; that it was primarily the Bolshevik Communists who helped create the Soviet Union in 1917. Under the Bolsheviks, and for 74 years, Russia was basically laid to waste, and the Russian people were massacred mercilessly, and their culture decimated. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 under Gorbachev, Russia regained its autonomy from communism and slowly began its revival.
The offspring of the Bolsheviks, mostly moved to Western Europe and more so to the USA; and their aim is and always has been to ‘get back’ at Russia in a ‘vindictive’ way, and why not destroy Russia again. If one makes an effort to investigate how powerful those children of the original Bolsheviks have become; it suffices to look in our government in Washington, D.C.; where many of them are key players in our State Department, and also as legislators both in the House and the Senate; not to mention in our universities and in the media.

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Bush and Blair were merely two useful idiots who were used by the Israeli lobby and the Deep State to destroy Iraq and create the wanton chaos in the region, and which also allowed the Islamic State to be created, which further led to the destruction of Syria.

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-Democracy is not a law; it is a concept, which gives a semblance of equality among those living in a given group or a country. The U.S. is a Republic, not a democracy; never was; never claimed to be. The only two countries in the world that claim to be democratic are the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea.
-Today, the U.S. is essentially governed by a left-wing dictatorship. The so-called right-wing dictatorship is certainly not running the Press, it is not running the House or the Senate, or the White House.
-U.S. universities are absolute hotbeds of left-wing quasi-revolutionary like-minded socialist radicals; and anyone who dares diverge from their line of thought or expression is severely castigated, even physically attacked. No democracy there.
-Canada is not a democracy: it is an autocracy, with Trudeau at the helm.
-The mainstream media is not democratic in its reporting, it is not even neutral, it is very leftist, indeed very socialist. Lenin said ‘The goal of socialism is communism.”
-By 2030, if not sooner, the U.S. could be governed by a left-wing dictatorship.

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And how about that second devil Dick Cheney?

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The expanded interpretations of the Manifest Destiny along with the Monroe Doctrine have done more harm than good, because they allowed the government to act illegally worldwide, yet often made it appear necessary for the alibis of national defense.

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This sort of news screening has been going on silently for decades. Back in the 1970's a local young woman in our city who was employed by a pro-Israel organization told us her job was to scan the news for articles concerning Jews and Israel in particular, and depending on the tone of the articles, positive or negative towards the Jews and Israel, she was to report such articles to her supervisor, after which he will relay the information to the proper Jewish groups so that they will either post comments to reinforce the positive article about Jews, or to post comments to attack the negative comments the article was reporting. She was working in a large office with many other mostly young women, most of whom were students. She also said that such activities were not confined to just our city, but was part of a national network of the same style. That was long before the existence of the Internet and smartphones, and the online editing of Wikipedia articles !!!
This again goes to underline the extreme, indeed immense power of mainstream media on world opinion, which they need to control, and without which they will get in trouble, because sadly they often do things that are not very kosher.

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Anybody who knows anything, even at a superficial level, about the geopolitical situations in the region would wholly dismiss this imaginary map of greater Israel as utter hyperbole. Even the Israelis and Jews all over should know this, but play the propaganda game nevertheless. I can, as I am sure many others could, expound on this matter, but not in the context of a comment on an article.

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Biden is a stooge for the ever present neoconservatives and their ilk. He decides nothing. Everything is pre-decided for him in advance; all he has to do is read what's written on the teleprompter; or sign some already prepared Executive Orders, then goes upstairs to sleep.

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It looks like a textbook case from the usual suspects: the CIA, the MI6 and the Mossad. All want revenge on Putin’s Russia after the Bolshevik communists were kicked out. Never mind that children of those Bolsheviks have picked Uncle Sam’s land as their next target.