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Well, in 141 Mercyhoard says that his creaters are one of his charges, and if he only guards dead technology, then wouldent that mean the creaters are some for of technology? Seemed pretty clear there.

My theory is that while living beings, they have a high level of technology about them. I dont know exactly what, only a partial idea, which is why my first post wasnt very clear. Maybe a 'physical but not' body like in #76?

The multiple Ferials, 'specially since they want Eternal Refuge to unite again, is another thought. If something happened to fracture him, and he is something like a program, then you would get three identical bodies. While if he was solely an organic being, fracture would lead ether to insanity or a gory mess.

Side question: In #140 the Mercyhoad says that he has each and every creator, does he have part of Ferial then? I can see that as being what Ferial was going after, a part of himself. But then again, he made refrence to the triumverate, not the quadumverate.