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Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam.

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You can lobby any blogpony and/or the submission box.

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If I may have seemed dismissive, that is because the issue hand already been decided between the moderators as to what position Equestria Daily would adopt when confronted with this sort of situation: if the image in question could fit snugly into a Draw-friend post, then it can be used in this context. The issue is not open for public debate and, under normal circumstance, will not be swayed unless significant numbers (several dozen) complain to the staff about a certain issue, as this is a policy decision made by the site.

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Requesting clarification: are you referring to my limitations set in the above post, or the deletion of the original picture.

If the former, read the below. If the latter, there's nothing I can do, and it was mainly the result of a jolt reaction.

The author specifically requested that I delete the comments unrelated to his story. This is equatable to spam, or "derailing" and is a punishable offence in almost any commenting medium, usually by deletion. Unless you're obtusely equating "censorship" to the deletion of any content, regardless of what topic is may encapsulate, I do not believe what I have done has censored anything, nor has it inhibited possible discussion where a viable venue may lie. What has gone here is the equivalent attending public meeting to discuss a certain variety a topics, the topic paradigm then shifts to something that is only marginally related in the weakest sense, but creates a great dissonance in opinion. Then everyone gets in a fist fight and it's a complete mess.

To address your second point: I do believe this is a significant enough issue to warrant anything besides small-time moderator enforcement.

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This story post is not a forum to debate the morality of shipping, clop, or otherwise. All comments attempting to pursue this topic will be deleted.

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Hello again.

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You had no demonstrable experience in your e-mail (links, sample texts), along with a severe lack of actual reviewing experience (beta reading of two stories). I read it. You also misspelled "experience" in your e-mail. Hence, "Unfortunately, we do not believe your credentials to be sufficient to consider you for a pre-reading position."

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It didn't work out.

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I'm dropping the moon on this, right here, right now.