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Watch your back, Fluttershy. There’s a new hyper-cute bashful pony in town.

And her name’s Marble Pie.


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I suppose I’m a little disappointed to hear that some people were thinking the writers were mocking the trans or cross-dressing communities, which is sad since quite a few people still don’t know there’s a difference between the two. Though I don’t exactly want to throw myself in the arguments, I’d like to throw in my two cents.

I seriously doubt the writers that are as open-minded and loving as ours would try and deliberately make an episode to tease these communities, and anyone who follows them on Twitter would know that. I genuinely think the portrayal was as innocuous as Big Mac trying to look feminine solely to pass the qualifications as sister.

The key here is that in the end, the judges knew that from the get-go, and were completely fine with it. As Granny Smith said, the important thing is that the two ‘sisters’ share a bond, where gender or lifestyle doesn’t matter. Regardless of what the writers were intending, in my opinion, this episode was done respectfully.

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One big difference I’m beginning to see more and more with this season is how true-to-life the endings can be. Yes, it’s a show about pretty ponies with sparkly rainbows and frandshopz. But for all intents and purposes, the writers are trying to teach us about valuable life lessons that *don’t* always involve the super happy ending you would normally expect.

Twilight had a friend. She betrayed that friend a long time ago. After several attempts to make amends, she brings another friend to throw a how-can-you-still-hate-me party. Problem solved right?….Nnnnooooo….it’s not usually that easily.

One of the main characters of the show made a horrid mistake that she couldn’t resolve the initial way she wanted to, and it’s clear Moondancer still hasn’t exactly forgiven Twilight for that despite the hug at the end, and they probably won’t be the sort of friends Moondancer is with Minuette and the others. Once you abandon someone the way Twilight did, that sort of pain is one you keep for a long time.

Still, Twilight is the princess of friendship for a reason. No, she didn’t make instant friends with Moondancer, and that mistake she made flared up a pain that won’t ever completely subside. But that title of hers isn’t just about making friends with everybody, it’s about using your influence to create new bonds…or repair old ones, even if they aren’t your own.

I like what Foal Papers had to say about this: “If ‘Slice of Life’ was a love letter to the fans, ‘Amending Fences’ was a love letter to Lauren Faust, the show, and how this all began.”

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“If things not perfect, Yaks get mad.”
“Yaks always get mad when things not perfect!”

Who do these guys think they are, the analytical community?!

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I don’t think some of us realize how lucky we are to have such an incredibly talented and dedicated team produce a lovely show as FiM.

And as much we criticize ourselves, and despite both the petty and segregating arguments we have with each other, I think our fandom is just as special and unparalleled, else the producers wouldn’t dream of creating such an episode.

With a congregation of artists, writers, musicians, and animators having an influence so resolute, that it inspired the producers we adore to essentially write an episodic love letter for us…is a telling tale that Lauren Faust’s vision has blossomed into something truly magical. Just knowing that we can all act in cohesion like this is reason enough for me to never leave our fandom or stop watching this wonderful show.

Bravo everyone.

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So last week, Rainbow Dash snuck into a weather factory unauthorized, willingly sabotaged expensive equipment, and caused inordinate property destruction without receiving any punishment at all.

Ol’ Eeyore here on the other hand, despite being accused of heinous crimes he never intended and being wrongfully pursued by authorities, will still have to pay for any damage he caused, figuratively and literally.

Troubleshoes: Just maaaah luck.

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Whoever still thinks Dash is incapable of being selfless or living up to her Element needs a good bop to the head.

Is she always the most loyal pony? No. Does she always think of others first? No. But you have to remember that none of the Mane 6 were meant to be the spit and image of their Elements at every waking moment. We wouldn’t find them as fascinating as we do today were that the case. However, when we do have the privilege of seeing our pony friends shine the way we expect them to, they certainly rock it like no one else we could imagine.

Even after Dash finally accepted Tank would be gone, she still wanted to read to him one last time, if it meant being next to him. And Dash reading Daring Do to Tank every night to help him fall asleep is one thing. But going to ridiculous (and probably illegal) lengths to spend time with him just because she couldn’t stand not being by his side for a few months is not only objectively adorable, but it depicts the dedication Dash can have for someone that she truly cares for.

And if sobbing her eyes out doesn’t show she cares for him, then I don’t know what will…..I think I’m still in shock by that, by the way…..s-stop crying Dashie…i-if you cry then I’ll c-cry ;-;

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“A cutie mark won’t change you, no matter whaaat ya get~”
I can’t be the only one who got a little teary-eyed during that lullaby. Honestly guys, if that didn’t make you love AJ then I don’t know what will. If I were Apple Bloom at that moment I would’ve got straight outta bed to hug her.

Funny, in the other two dream episodes with the CMC, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle only gained the confidence to face their fears and talk to their sisters because of Luna’s intervention. But here, AJ knew what was wrong from the beginning. Had Apple Bloom took that lullaby to heart, 80% of the episode would have been avoided.

AJ tells you exactly what you need to hear, and many times in a way you want to hear it. And that’s what makes me respect her.

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(How I was expecting the ending to go.)
Twilight: Here is my inspirational speech!
Starlight: I now see the error of my ways! You win!

(How it actually happened.)
Twilight: Here is my inspir--
Starlight: SHUT YER TRAP!!

Ah I love this show.

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Eh, the S3 finale was an just an okay episode. Everything was rushed though. Celestia’s ballad was dumb, and having Starswirl the Bearded’s spell switch the Mane 6’s cutie marks seemed way too contrived. I’m really not sure if Twilight’s ready to be a princess, and there’s no way I’ll ever get used to her wings, she really doesn……
……Hold on, am I behind a season? I had no idea S4 started already. Did I miss anything important?