Ecliptic Rift

Ecliptic Rift


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Are you opening up for new commissions after the new year, or do you have an alternate plan?

/me hopes it isn't "yeah no more of THIS craziness"

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Heh. Just a normal-looking Seb dude who doesn't look like he's got a fetish for immolating kittens. So many Seb males look... EVIL.

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Yeah, we should... like... form a coalition. Or something. :P

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Hrm. Just started a new industry alt (in fact I was thinking of you as I created his portrait), and managed to get sucked into mining from the tutorial missions. This reminds me that I'd rather try to turn a profit via reprocessing and such.

Glad to see you posting again, BTW. :)

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Nice work, although that is one EPIC forehead.

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I love that you posted the blog banter number in hexadecimal.

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Blog deleted? Wut?

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Totally agreed on all counts. CCP does have some things they need to improve or fix, of course, but no human initiative will ever actually be perfect. And at some point, I think many players crossed over into hating for hate's sake.

I do play a wee bit less these days, but that has much more to do with spending more time with my kids than anything CCP has done wrong or right.

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I haven't had an opportunity to sit down with the actual minutes themselves yet, but your description of the Winter 2010 expansion sounds reasonable. Many of us have requested a "focus on polish of existing features, mainly planetary interaction" in addition to "preparation for coming expansions". I leave to CCP the specifics of how to fix the UI (rewrite versus incremental improvements) as long as they actually work on them.

There must be a catch here someplace.