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Not all of them! My elementary school hair-puller has been a great boyfriend to my high school best friend for several years and apologized to me profusely for pulling my hair by saying 'I'm so sorry. I liked you a lot and had no idea how to deal with my feelings or how to act like a human being.'

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Ugh, seriously. I'm on the admin side of academia and we get paid the last Friday of every month, which means July is a five-week pay cycle. And we always get paid early in December because of the holidays, which inevitably means it's SIX WEEKS between the December and January paychecks. It is garbage.

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It took at least three incidents of getting caught in the rain before I realized I should wear a shirt roughly the same color as my hair mascara instead of a white one.

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To be fair, Christine didn't have all that many sparkling personality traits either. The only one that stands out was an ability to leave that the guy giving her singing lessons through the walls was an angel sent by her father. She and Raoul probably would've been pretty happy together (completely ignoring the bonkers events of Love Never Dies)

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I always thought that at least the fact that they end up together means that they're concentrating their unbearable dullness genes between the two of them, rather than spreading them around. Whatever child they had would probably be too busy staring insipidly at a wall to reproduce and the line will end there.

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Yeah, I wouldn't have thought "dorky" would be a word I would use to describe a blood-drenched threesome, but there you go.

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Yeah, I have no idea. Their plan seems to be missing SEVERAL steps, and it is generally ridiculous. Maybe that's why they have Victor pop in every now and then, so you can go, 'Ugh, you're even WORSE. No one wonder Lily wants to kill all men.'

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OT, though I guess it could....kind of be related to one of the deleted comments. I just watched Sunday's Penny Dreadful. Did anyone else laugh when Ethan was doing his bastardized version of the Lord's Prayer? That was some real hardcore preteen rebellion, there, Ethan.

It almost made me laugh as hard as that Lily/Dorian/Justine threesome a few weeks ago where they were covered in blood and saying things like "Liberty" and "Freedom" at each other. That show.

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Oh god, and that Teresa Medeiros one where the French girl who was, I think, about to be hanged as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials travels forward in time to 90s New York City and meets the rich douchebag hero who responds to all of her 17th century weirdness with "I guess France is more rustic than I thought." Like, he genuinely is like 'Oh, I thought France had indoor plumbing but I guess not.'

Also, he's in his 30s and the heroine is 19 or 20.

Also, also, one of the reasons he's bitter is because of the disappearance of his former roommate and business partner, who actually invented a time travel device and went back in time and is actually the father of the heroine. I think he also threatens to marry her? Because he's evil for...reasons?

Middle-school CaroWR LOVED that mess.

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Seriously, I'm a Jewish woman who really likes showers and is prone to sinus infections. Now is fine, thanks.