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Just like a Team Obama response. I will decide what you can and can NOT do or have! What's next EdTheAmerican? Will you decide what sort of health care I will recieve...oh yeah, the answer is yes. Would you take it as far as what type of car I would drive? I don't really need my American made Corvette do I? I only need it for driving from point A to B so the new GOVT 2 liter 'Bama will suffice. I don't really need my DSLR camera either...too much technology when a simple disposable camera will take the picture fine. By the way, I pay cash for what I buy. Neat concept that you might want to try someday. It took a while to afford these things but with a plan, hard work, determination, and pride in owning what you own...I feel proud of things I earn.

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No if, and, or buts. Destroy any SHIP that threatens our Men and Women and our Fleets.

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Wow. Just read the article...Hawaiian's with their laid back island mentality taking it into their own hands. Great job.

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I'm saddened by the truth behind the statement but optimistic at the same time. Obama and team, will without effort but by their socialist actions, rally the American Spirit that we ALL have in us and defeat any traders to the United States of America! We will prevail...a small sample of this spirit will be present during the upcoming Tea Party's! Good luck everyone and express your American Pride and Spirit!!! Freedom!

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Sorry for my lack of knowledge but when was this originally approved and what was the public response? This is the the most ridiculous pay I've ever known! Perhaps we need to make a stink about the lifetime pay considering that it costs us MILLIONS PER PERSON!!! Even a 100K salary at 30 years is 3 MILLION PER person not to mention the health benefits, etc. that go along with it. Is anyone in congress worth Millions for as little as a 4 year term?

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Can someone clarify who in congress is eligible for a lifetime of pay with 4 years of service? Is this true and what positions?

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It's probably our hard earned TAX dollars being used to purchase these stocks! I can hear Geithner, Obama, Bernake, Pelosi, etc now...we need something to stimulate the stock market so that investors come back. Let's dump some of the TARP (you know the money that isn't visible to the public) into the market and help get it back to the 8,000, 9,000, and 10,000 marks. As soon as we build confidence in the market we'll look like geniuses and we'll say I told you so.

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First off I'd like to congratulate the 912 Project for achieving the 425,453 members and counting!!! 1 Million will be here in no time!
Layoff insuarance sounds great. Another form of Welfare. I look at it this way. Even unemployment at 10% means that 90% of Americans have JOBS! In my experience, currently have 2,500 employees, the employees we let go is based on performance. The employees we do let go have the ability to do the job but typically don't have the drive to do so. So if you fall in this 10% population I'd be worried...If you believe in working hard (90%) for your company and/or self than you will very rarely be out of a JOB. Some may need to relocate to achieve this...I never said it would be easy. We need to save our local businesses!!! Capitalism will prevail!!!

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What's new for the Windy City? It's not even news to the residents...just the norm.

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Great idea to let them go but they missed ONE IMPORTANT factor. SEND THEM BACK TO THE COUNTRY'S in which they CAME FROM no matter the circumstance!!! There should be NO arguement!!! Guilty, Innocent, still on trial, etc.