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"I don’t mind sharing my experience with a mom-to-be who is honestly looking for information and wants to hear about a wide variety of experiences to help her prepare and make her own decisions."

This is what it's about for me. I'm pregnant with my first child and desperate to read/hear as many women tell me what birth was like for them as I can. Part of it stems from the fact that research is a way for me to calm my anxiety about this big thing that's going to happen to me, and part of it is astonishment and enjoyment that it seems to be so DIFFERENT for everyone.

That being said, I feel you on how competitive it can seem, and how there is a weird disconnect between undergoing what is essentially a medical procedure and the expectation that you'll want to then discuss it at length with strangers.

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Totally. If this were an actual person's speech, I would never fault them for it. In Dawn's case it just feels like a very young actress who doesn't know how the word is pronounced, and I don't know why no one pulled her aside and gave her a note on it.

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Why can't Dawn pronounce the word "monks" correctly? It is the only thing on this deeply enjoyable and also sometimes kind of silly show that bothers me, but it bothers me SO MUCH.

"Mahnks" "Mownks" "Muuuuuunks"

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This was beautifully written, and does a great job of illustrating the ways in which taking care of ourselves can be so hard, even when we know what we need to do.

Also, a "relationship post-mortem" sounds so difficult and unpleasant. I don't ever want to do that. Just scorched earth in my wake as far as the eye can see.

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Wait wait wait! The Hapsburg lip is the BOTTOM one? I don't know how I have never realized this, but the entire time I've been picturing all of these Austrians with like, a giant droopy upper lip. Is that not right?

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That's a really good tip! I like to ask people how they feel about the thing they just told me. Both because I want to know, and because I think it opens up the conversation to another level. So "I'm going home to my family for Christmas," and a follow up question might be "are you excited about that?" or "do you like going home?"

Now I'm wondering if maybe I'm making people uncomfortable...

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You're right about Dave, but he is SO pretty.

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For me, the thing about Mark is that he has a look about him that makes the viewer feel that he could veer off into cruelty at any moment. When he does play a cruel or bullying character, as in the sketch where he visits Kevin McDonald's diner and insults his cheese sandwiches and taste in movies, it's almost painful to watch. I think that tension of knowing that he could sneer and cock an eyebrow in derision at any moment, to devastating effect, is comedy gold.

That being said, Dave and Bruce are dangerous in their own different ways, and I think Mallory's ranking is not crazy. Mostly I'm just happy that we all get to talk about it together here!

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I can't believe that AOL still has tech support! Is it just one lone person sitting in an empty warehouse, startling every time some ancient telephone rings?

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"Lifting implement"