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I'll probably need all of those to cover the rookies not playing! Can't even remember who is in my team now, I guess I'll have to start doing a bit of research again..

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Footy will provide a nice distraction tonight. I hope the shelves at Dan Murphy's aren't empty!

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Yes, seems the case- Pickett & Bedford, Georgiades, Sturt, King, Buderick and counting..

We just need MID Rookies!!!

I don't have any forward rookies on field, might have to rethink, although the expensive def rookies look like better scorers with better job security.

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I have gone Jacobs R2 and Naismith R3. I guess he's just an expensive rookie who should make +150K, whilst providing ruck cover. With 30 trades I felt I can do without Gawn, and with the potential short turnaround in games he's just insurance. I'm not sure it's logical to have so much on the bench, but I've gone for lots of value players elsewhere.

I didn't want Ceglar in the Fwd line, as there a plenty of better value options IMO..

This year will be like no other, so I thought I might as well throw logic out the window and do some experimenting!

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Nice work Matt, I like it.

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I don't dislike it.. a bit different. Probably 1 to many fwds for my liking. I'd downgrade Anderson to Buderic, move Pickett onfield, then Mcasey to Brander/Williams and that probably gives you enough to upgrade Brayshaw to Coniglio, then it looks a lot better!

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Might as well.. there's no guarantees Gawn lasts either, (but it's easier to get a replacement) With Xerri there you could trade out a fwd and swing in a Ceglar type in case of emergency.

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I like the structure, Mines pretty similar, 2 premo def, 6 mids, 2 rucks (G&G) and not so much of a fwd line. (Dusty, Brayshaw, Smith, Bewley 2 Rooks..) Gawn is in and out, still tinkering a bit, have tried Naismith & Jacobs, makes forwards look much better, I don't fancy Ceglar as insurance though!

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that's how it's looking. we're not going to be short on loophole options.

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You missed the Chad! ... mind you that would probably need another category.. Nice article. I have Dusty, Parish, Petracca, Rozee & Dawson.
Parish & Dawson i'm pretty confident about. Not far away from being keepers based on how they averaged for the second half last year. Parish had a concussion affected game which lowered the avg a bit, but has shown a nice progression year to year.
Haven't been burnt by Petracca before, so I might as well take a punt! Surely Melbourne have to improve a little this year.
Rozee looks talented, just hoping he can progress. looked good in marsh 1