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Think of America as a big meth lab.
Words to live by. American politics just started to make sense.

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The question is not what the pope does, but whom. And the answer is "altarboys."

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I believe that in the Oglala Sioux language "Danielle Smith" means "Shiny Chrome Boobs".

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Wow. The rumors are true. With a post like that, it's clear that this site has officially gotten its lame on. Sic transit Gloria, Gumby.

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With a name like "Gooey Cock" this one is clearly a Santorum supporter.

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That's one hefty Santorum-covered erection you've got there. But fear not, Mitt's ready and willing to lick Santorum.

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I think having a fucked up shitsack named Santorum as the commander in chief is likely to have significantly worse consequences for military morale.

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Newt does Tinkerbell: "People ought to be allowed to applaud if they want." So, the pasty, flatulent marshmallow man is now a fairy princess. Thank you, Newt!

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In the search for an "effective deterrent" I think we could do better than mass execution. Force the perpetrator to watch an endless loop of Newt Gingrich in a thong. A glittery thong. A glittery thong that gyrates to the disco beat to which Newt is dancing.

Just say NO!

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It took him awhile, but Perry has at last attained the same level of enlightenment as Michele Bachmann.