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Bogus numbers. Anyone that can read at a 7th grade level knows that the value of the dollar is crashing and everywhere you go, even now including the gas pump, prices are up. And that won't change anytime soon.

Colmarsh has it right. The repeal of Glass-Steagal Act with the Graham-Leach-Bliley fiasco just handed the keys to the bank vaults to the greedy 1% and the rest is history.

It is going to get worse. Stand by.

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I'll tell you what I don't get:

(a) <<NOTE: 38 USC 1114 note.>> Rate Adjustment.--Effective on
December 1, 2009, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall increase, in
accordance with subsection (c), the dollar amounts in effect on November
30, 2009, for the payment of disability compensation.

Why does it say an increase is effective dec. 1 2009? Why the word increase if there is no increase?

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Where do these figures come from? Nearly everything I buy is up this year. My utility bills are up, my grocery bills are up and with the amount of money being printed and thrown out there, this trend will not change. The value of our dollar is not likely to go up.

Are we at 0% because the price of gas has gone down?

That was an artificially produced number and should be thrown out. We had oilmen in office. Was it coincidence the price of oil shot up with them running things?

It is difficult enough to live on a fixed income. If COLA remains at 0 our difficulties will increase.

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He can talk the talk.

I am still waiting to see what this group will actually do.

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BTW, still somewhat confused on the clutch stuff. Since the Mariners only scored 2, are those last 2 home runs by Ethier soft?

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If you were to ask me who would have the .300 average and who would have the .268 average between Blake and Ethier, I would have bet a 500 on that one. And lost. Currently Blake is 35 points above his career average. Can he keep it up? Stay tuned. The stat guru Bill James says players peak between 25 and 30. Looks to me like Blake peaked between Van Nuys and Anaheim.____Yep, this is when I would bring Kershaw up. In my world he has worked on his command and his stamina, going 75-85 pitches a night. In the L.A. world he has gone 82.2 innings, which means he only has 100 left. Maybe not even that many considering he is throwing 18 pitches and inning. I hope he makes it to the finish line.

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He's the closest thing we have to one, and will be the number one starter in the play-offs.

I really doubt we get a #1 in trade at the deadline. We can go with 2 #2's and a #3.

Of course, we will need clutch hitting with that scenario.

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Yeah, Roger is right. The vote has to be heavily against a 3 run homer being bland.

I got a feeling Mark is doing this one on purpose. He just can't be that dense.

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If anything is "soft" it is not getting the hit, or getting on base, when your team needs a rally.

With the tying run two hitters away, can you tell me who made the last 4 outs of the game? I can. How come those guys aren't labeled soft? How come the guy who hits the 3 run homer to get you within striking distance is soft?


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I am not debating those scenarios ldawg. I agree with you that there are degrees of pressure. I felt it too, but it didn't bother me that much really. I rather enjoyed it because I was good at what I did on the baseball field. I was always of the mind "hit the ball to me" and I wanted the at bat with the game on the line.

Now put me in a public speaking scenario and I will piss in my pants.

At issue is the idea that a 3 run home run in the 8th inning when your team is "way behind" is not impressive - in fact "soft". It could very well be the spark the team needs to get back in the game.

I contend that no home run is soft, but a three run dinger in the 8th when your team is behind is, as a former player and coach, something that excites the heck out of me.

I guess I have said it as often and as many different ways as I can. It won't be the first time mover and I have not agreed on a topic, and it won't be the last. We agree on most things.