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Many feel a need, myself included, to promote rational thought and evidence-based reasoning for the simple reason that we live in a country dominated by people who believe that their morals are derived from Bronze Age myths. And these people have a majority vote for the laws that I will have to adhere to. It's quite an incentive for speaking out.

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Good news indeed!

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So many great articles in one place! Yay!

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It's more like a rigged lottery where everyone loses and they surgically remove your organs to sell on the black market.

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I applaud your creativity in coming up with an interesting and interactive way of describing the basics of evolution. Very cool!

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I did not know On the Origin of Species was available online! Double yay!

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Belief in an afterlife was one of the last superstitions I shed, and it was a bit of a shock to the system to finally let it go. Ultimately though, it makes this life so much more important. Knowing that this is our one chance really helps me to make the most of the time I have and not waste it.

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Ha! I really hope you're wrong on some of these.

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You can read all about the Church of Scientology's stance on painkillers in the link that was provided below the cartoon.

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I think a lawsuit is going a bit too far, for right now. It's generally best to pick your battles, and I think there are bigger fish to fry at the moment. No reason to give the other side fodder for considering atheists to be angry and petty, especially when there is an argument to be made for retaining freedom of speech (albeit in a grey area). I think the payoff is likely to be very small (or nonexistent) and not worth the effort.