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i like how the baby is just D: the entire time

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wait this game is still a thing? ...its been a long time since i've seen the last update so i assumed it got left in the dust.

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I'd like a normal episode with some extra screen time for background ponies that are not Derpy, Lyra, or Doctor Hooves. I see enough of 'em already.

But I would like to see some story-type stuff tho. I want some more Equestrian history!

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Ahhh there we go, I was wondering where all the fandom drama is. It's been a bit quiet the last few weeks.

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Overrated Pony Day! I'm sorry. She's kinda cute, all ponies are cute, but she's just everywhere and kinda became the fandom's mascot :P
I'm not gonna bash and hate people who like her, but if I see you in a videogame with the name Derpy_Hooves I will try my best to murder you in the worst way possible.

Here, have my muffins....Don't worry I didn't poison them. Much.

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It's not just you. That face is a cross between "I will watch you while you sleep" and "I will eat your soul"

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Fluttershy, with a bit of Twily's nerdiness and a dash of Pinkamena.

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uh.... snowball fights are a type of wintery game right? that's what I drew...and after a while of thinking about it, the more I doubt it.

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The hub network site redirects to discovery family now. Not much changed.

* The site is a bit wonky. Some of the links give me an internal error making me have to refresh a lot.
* Looks like they kept MyHub accounts and all the games and stuff.
* Traces of Hub on some pages.
* RECTANGLES (was it always like that?)