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This calls for a Median Mood Quencher.

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I have to say that TweetDeck just doesn't do it for me. The minor tweaks are nice, but Twhirl will always feel more natural and with the addition of Custom Search, FriendFeed, Identica and cross-posting with - it's the one pushing all the limits. I try to stay open minded, but that's the way the cookies crumbled.

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Thanks for the reference Alun :¬)

Might I offer a few more uses? One idea I had a while back was using a QR code as a tattoo. Being one who could never quite decide on a picture that would stay with me the rest of my life, I thought it novel to instead satisfy my nerdier tendencies and have the QR tattoo link to a private domain where I could upload any particular design I felt like, as with a desktop wallpaper. Either way, my tattoo would serve as a placeholder for years to come.

Another benefit to this could be (God forbid) I end up dead in a ditch or incapacitated and someone needed to identify me. Scanning my markings could serve an additional purpose.

Another decidedly evil use of a QR could be a virus. Much like with a shortened URL, you don't know what you're looking at until it's possibly too late. While I haven't investigated the technical side in full, in theory you could have a very simple URL - or even an actual script - written into the QR. While I'm pretty sure most phones are a little too simple to get a script to run off the bat, but I can imagine it being easier to initiate a 'hack' on a WAP/GPRS/3G phone without a Firewall than a computer with.

Just some food for thought :¬D

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I would have agreed with you several months ago as I was using TwitterFeed to deliver RSS updates. It was archaically slow updating, thus loosing any real-time interest. However they must have sped things up because now I can't upload my photos and change their names on Flickr before the bastard has tweeted them out with their DSC.xxxxxx01.JPEG default! ^_^*

Now I haven't tried it recently with RSS search feeds from Summize, but it should be pretty quick as Summize auto-refreshes it's searches every minute or so. Worth another shot ;¬)

Welcome back to Twitter (at least for the time being!)

Also, how are you liking Apture?

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While it's true you wouldn't ideally like to miss out on the initial hype of the apps release, a lot of reviewers are going to be glossing over and trying to pick fault with what they find (at least from what I've seen). It's probably wise waiting for the initial rush to quiet down so that the apps are reviewed individually rather than being glossed over in batch reviews.

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I'm glad you've chosen to only release when you feel it's ready. So many people will be trying to get their shoddy alpha-based apps posted up ASAP - so I'm happy you won't be among them :)

Besides, the iPhone version of your site is *more* than capable for now. Take your time and get it right. [thumbsup]

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I think I've found you on there. You probably have changed your in-game name to 'iobuffa' but your Steam ID is still 'bwana'. I'm only guessing this as one of the most recent steam users with 'bwana' as their ID had links to your sites.

And now after that bit of Internet Detective work, time to play some GAMES!! >:D

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Love the Pyro class on TF2. Play it all the time :)

Question: I was going to add you to my Steam contacts but couldn't find you under your user name above (iobuffa). If you want to add me, feel free (mine's 'CannonGod')

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I will probably be taking part in this :-) If it catches on big-time then maybe Twitter can use it to it's advantage and make the 21st a day of much needed server maintenance!

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I had a look though the ID settings and noticed the language filters, although I think the main issue I was trying to raise was that many people will actively seek to abuse voting systems. In fact whole groups of griefers will plan invasions and 'digg down' comments on mass that users make - regardless of the original commentors post.

What I would hate to see is the rep system you have developed to be abused in such a way. I love the idea of rewarding insightful/useful comments, and 'digging down' unhelpful ones. However, what protection is there for bloggers/blog commentors using ID when they are senselessly 'dugg down' for fun? Their one night of damage can destroy months of legitimate reputation building. However we mustn't forget that +ve Rep. bumping exists too!

I could suggest a few techniques (although they're based on AI principles & would need me to write a few notes before I passed them on), but another simple system measuring the influx of ratings from each user, the outflow of given ratings by each user, and an analysis of user trends might help flag up possible abusers for later moderation. This would allow control over user ratings and a degree of protection for serious users of your service.

I could talk more about curtailing voter abuse, but I feel bad for Mr Bwana by writing essays on his blog :-P (assuming he doesn't mind of course)