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Update on the roommate situation. They are actively trying to repress the fact they're in love with me and that we are in a de facto relationship. We had sex once and it was amazing, but they don't want to again because then it will be "a thing" even though we're at such an intense level of emotional intimacy alone that it constitutes a relationship. It hasn't even been three weeks of this yet, and everything has been progressing along the way, so I'm thinking they'll be totally on board for this sooner than later.

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I've survived another week of the hot/cold routine with my roommate and I'm still in good spirits. Things were pretty awkward in the last day and I didn't get even a hug on the way out the door this morning, but then we talked about it and it seems cool now. It's awkward because they touched my junk but they wouldn't let me touch their junk, so yeah. I'm in it for the long slog, one way or the other.

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So I'm kind of living a bad sitcom plot right now. I had someone that I kind of knew move into the spare bedroom in my apartment. They seemed cool enough that I figured that we could get along without too many issues. Now a month later, we spend almost all our free time together and we're up until 2 or 3 AM just talking and sometimes making out. I'm totally on board but they're a bit hesitant so I am being patient and not pushing too hard.

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Red Pepper Taqueria is delicious and has bottomless mimosas. Twain's is good and a cool place to hang out. My Parent's Basement is a fairly new place that has a decent brunch that will probably get better once they're established. Waffle House is probably the best if you can find a chill one that doesn't mind when you bring booze in a flask.

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Are there any Atlanta Toasties interested in doing Atlanta things now that spring is here i.e. day drink and call it "brunch".

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This is probably woefully esoteric, but my favorite romance in anything ever is Priss & Leon in Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. It's an anime series about a group of vigilante women in Iron Man style power armor fighting crazed robots in future Tokyo. It's feminist by anime standards. The romance between Priss and Leon is great because it's done in a very real way and there are lots of layers to it. She's a badass biker that's lead singer of this rock band and is also secretly in the aforementioned vigilante group. He is a big macho looking cop who is actually really sweet and kind of bashful but he's been tasked with arresting the vigilantes.

What makes it great is that it develops slowly over the course of the series instead of this sudden inevitable thing right before the end. First he's into her because he saw her band once and she's not interested because she's too cool to be interested in anything but they both grow as people and they both eventually display positive character traits to each other that make it more than just two attractive people being attracted to each other. I don't know, I was just really into it.

Bashir X O'Brien is a close second.

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Large prints of Brandon Bird's work aren't too terribly expensive and are great conversation starters. I have this one in my office:

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1: Turn on the news; actual civilization is overrated. We'll stick to our pretend civilization with the constant binge drinking and the fries on everything. 2: The three rivers may smell, but they are only half as bad as the putrescent odor that comes from the concentrated bong water that is The Deleware. 3: Sheetz offers all sandwiches on pretzel bread for no extra charge, which is clearly superior to a hoagie roll.

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This is the last place I thought I'd have to do this, but nah dog, Sheetz is clearly #1. Wawa is great and everything but Sheetz is the best. It's like if the Waffle House was also a convenience store.

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I just started Cerulean Sins, book 11 in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. The books are now hovering around an even 50/50 split between Supernatural Detective-Noir / Trashy Romance. I'm loving it.