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I fail to see how having a dick in your mouth would prevent you from typing.

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That's funny. I was just reading an article about a guy with two Kochs.

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Their logo made it look like they were a curling supply store. False advertising.

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I did it in 1.7 seconds. Of course, at that speed it's unintelligible to most people, but a 12-year-old who spends all day listening to the rap could easily make it out.

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Don Lemon got tear gassed. I think he tried to bite down on the canister.

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They've done pretty well under Obama, too.

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First these commies give the prize to Obama before he even settled his bony ass into the Gunlocke chair. Now they give it to his 17-year-old daughter! What has Malia done to deserve this, broken up a fight at recess?

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I don't see what the problem is. Susan B. Komen for the Cure is interested in two things: raising awareness of breast cancer; and curing breast cancer. If there are more cases of breast cancer, more people will be aware of it, and there will be more people to cure. Win/win!

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I think Tucker Carlson writes Urban Dictionary posts himself. Evidence:

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"A woman wrote on KCTV5’s Facebook page said that his comments were “Pretty poor decision making skills seeing that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”"

He missed the "cancer" part.